Just last week, as I was walking through the atrium of the CASL Building, I noticed a CASL staff member from the other side of campus walking with what was clearly a prospective student and her parents through the building. They had a meeting with an advisor but had ended up getting lost on the other end of campus after parking in the structure and attempting to navigate their way to the CB. So this staff member personally accompanied them across campus to ensure that they reached their destination. 

In meeting after meeting with our students, I hear similar stories:  about the staff member who helped clear a hold, about the staff member who informed them about the “Get to Graduation fund" or about the staff member who helped them plug into some needed campus service. I hear these stories all of the time and while I am never surprised by what I hear, I am reminded that it is critically important to highlight the great work that they do both on behalf of our students and the faculty.

So, the next time you see your departmental/program staff members, or the next time that you are in the Dean’s Office or are interacting with other college offices, take a moment to thank the staff for all that they do!

Martin Hershock, Dean

CASL Administration

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