Happy 2019 everyone and welcome back to campus! With classes now back in full swing and everyone settled into the new academic term, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all to consider taking an active role in the new strategic planning initiative recently announced by Chancellor Grasso. 

In his call to action, Confronting the Challenges of a New Era - A Call to Action, he makes the case both for the need for the campus to engage in strategic planning and for the opportunity that exists to forge a bold new direction for the university. This work will be launching soon and will be completed by the end of the calendar year.

It is particularly imperative that CASL voices be heard in this campus conversation. As you all know, the national narrative paints the humanities, arts, and social/behavioral sciences in a negative light and the college is in the midst of a protracted enrollment slide. It is thus critical that CASL faculty, staff, and students be part of this discussion and that they use the opportunity to both advocate for what we do but to also take a serious look at who we are and where we want to be going forward.

CASL has long been the heart of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and the university cannot be successful and healthy without a strong and vigorous CASL.

Martin Hershock, Dean

CASL Administration

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