Happy Summer All!

I hope this brief missive finds everyone enjoying the warmer weather!

Though the campus is much less crowded this time of year that does not mean that things are any less busy here in CASL. On the contrary, I recently worked with CASL Staff to organize a new committee, the CASL Staff Engagement Committee. The group (comprised of Sue Gedert, Maureen Sytsma, Lori Petrick, Nina Loveberry, and Anita Miller) has been meeting regularly since late May. My intention in organizing this committee was to create a vehicle to help foster a greater sense of community among the college’s staff as well as for promoting and recognizing the great work done every day by our wonderful staff.

The committee has several initiatives underway already, including:

  • Celebrating each staff member's anniversary date.
  • A recognition program in which the members of the campus community can submit a form indicating the good work a CASL staff member has done. These submissions will, in turn, be posted in one of the CB Atrium display cases on the first floor for everyone to read. A prize will be awarded randomly to one of the individuals receiving recognition.
  • The planning an all CASL staff retreat in mid-October, "True Colors." (stay tuned for details)
  • "New Kid on the Block" program, welcoming new staff members.
  • A form in which staff can submit their own ideas for engagement activities.

As the summer progresses, this group will continue to generate new ideas. I am excited to see what else they come up with and look forward to participating in these efforts to both recognize and interact more with our CASL staff members. We could not do what we do without their hard work and initiative! Enjoy your summer!  I look forward to seeing you all back on campus in September!

Martin Hershock, Dean

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