2022-23 CASL Alumni Affiliate scholarship recipients

In this season of giving thanks, our recent scholarship recipients share their appreciation in being awarded the CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship for the current academic year.

Amber Cheplick: Mathematics and Secondary Education Certificate

I am writing to thank you for selecting me to be one of the recipients for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Alumni Affiliate Scholarship. I am very honored to receive this scholarship.

Due to your generosity, this scholarship will definitely relieve some financial and personal stress. I will be able to focus more time on school and being involved in more activities with the University of Michigan-Dearborn community. Playing softball at the University takes up a good amount of time. The stress of finding time between school, practices, and games for a job to pay for tuition can be relieved as this will help cover some of the cost.

I am currently majoring in Mathematics, minoring in Applied Statistics, and plan to get my Secondary Education Certification to become a mathematics teacher. Teaching and helping students in math has always been an interest of mine. In the future, it is my goal to reach out and inspire as many students as I can to enjoy learning and value mathematics. The math faculty at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has been such a big help and inspiration to the point where I have sparked an interest in possibly even becoming a math professor. I am currently a tutor at the University’s Math Learning Center. My goal is to seek success in student learning on their mathematical goals in their current classes at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Thank you again for your generous gift. It is greatly appreciated.

Miah Ernst: English and Secondary Education Certificate

I am honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the CASL alumni affiliate scholarship. Thank you for your generous financial support toward my education.

I am an English major pursuing my secondary education certification in hopes of becoming a middle or high school English teacher as it has been my passion since I was a little girl forcing family members to “play school” with me for fun. Now, I am working in the UM-Dearborn writing center as a writing tutor in order to satiate my passion for teaching and in the fall I will begin my last semester here at UM-Dearborn where I will complete student teaching which is a semester long, full-time, unpaid internship. Thanks to your generosity, I will be able to fully dedicate myself to my student teaching experience as it has greatly reduced my financial burden.

Upon graduation, I am excited to jump into the teaching field as fast as possible in order to address the teacher shortage and start making a difference. Through teaching, I plan to give back and assist students in pursuing their education and goals just as you are doing for me.

Thank you again for your support.

Ivett Facundo: Anthropology

I am beyond grateful to be selected to receive the CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship. I would like to thank all of the alumni members who have contributed to the opportunity to continue my education at UM-Dearborn. To me, this scholarship makes a great impact on my education. It is nice to see that there are members in my community who believe in me finishing my undergraduate education.

Since my freshman year of college, I have been able to stay at UM-Dearborn because of the scholarships that I have received. With your help, a lack of financial funds becomes one less obstacle to obtaining my degree. Financial help, allows me to continue to focus more on my involvement, development, and academic success on campus. For that, I would like to say thank you for playing a part in my educational journey and helping other students continue their education at UM-Dearborn. 

Again, thank you for contributing to my success at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I look forward to another year at UM-Dearborn! 

Abigale Fullerton: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Thank you so much for selecting me to receive a scholarship for the 2022-2023 school year. The University of Michigan-Dearborn is full of exceptional students. I am incredibly grateful that I was recognized for this scholarship.

School costs can be costly and demanding. This will put a helpful dent into next year's bill. Scholarships seem almost impossible to win lately, so I am very thankful for this selection.

Thank you again for recognizing my hard work and commitment to my studies. I hope you will continue to help students forever!

Milo Grahl: Anthropology

Allow me to extend my gratitude for being awarded this generous scholarship to aid my education here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. This scholarship is so incredibly meaningful to me and I greatly appreciate being chosen as a recipient for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As a full time student working two jobs, I am thankful for all the help I can get in paying for tuition so that I can continue to work hard to save up for my future. My undergraduate education here is only the start of my higher academic goals as I aspire to attend graduate school to further my education and gain much needed qualifications for my field. The prospect of attending college had always seemed so daunting to me from a financial standpoint, and while it still has not been wholly easy to manage, scholarships like  this are what allow me to worry a little bit less. Especially in times like these, a little less worry goes a very long way.

Thank you so very much for this scholarship, I truly appreciate it and all that it brings for me here at UM-Dearborn.

Zeena Whayeb: Psychology

I appreciate the CASL alumni affiliate members for this generous assistance. Their assistance has made it possible for me to dive into my last semester as a CASL student.

I'm excited to be able to continue my degree and pursue my passion with psychology even beyond the CASL walls. I look forward to joining the CASL alumni and giving back as the alumni have given to me. 

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