The College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters depends on generous gifts to support scholarships and programs, furthering the college's commitment to providing students with an outstanding educational experience.  The College is grateful for these expressions of generosity, and the following are examples of gifts and the impact they have on our students and programs. 


January 2020

Recent Gifts and Three Challenge Gifts


Help Yourself Win Foundation

$120,000 to implement after-school math and science education programming for 3rd-8th graders called the University of Michigan-Dearborn Help Yourself Academy. 

Richard and Linda Dyer Scholarship

$100,000 from Richard ('65 Math) and Linda Dyer ('65 Teaching Certificate) to endow their four-year scholarship for CASL majors who are graduates of Fordson High School.   

Lebowski Achiever Scholarship

$25,000 from an anonymous donor for one four year scholarship for a CASL undergraduate or transfer student (from a Michigan community college) who graduated from a Michigan public or charter school. The scholarship is based on merit and need and preference is given to a student majoring in the Natural Sciences. 

Mathematics Support Fund and CASL "Get to Graduation" Fund

$8,500 from an anonymous donor ($6,000 for the Mathematics Support Fund and $2,500 for the CASL "Get to Graduation" Fund).  Please click on the links above to make a contribution to one or both of these funds. 

CASL "Get to Graduation" Fund

$7,500 from two anonymous donors and $2,356 from alumni Bryant ('81 Chem) and Kim ('79 Chem) LaFreniere towards the $50,000 Andy and Cheryl Chapekis ('77 Psych-Sociology) challenge gift. Please click here if you would like to contribute towards the challenge and help CASL students with financial barriers to graduation achieve their dreams of graduating. 

Robert and Colleen Picchi Scholarship

$5,000 from Bob ('81 BGS) and Colleen Picchi for their endowed scholarship for CASL students. 

CASL SOAR Support Fund

$5,000 from an anonymous donor to help increase access to post-secondary education for non-traditional adult learners in the metro area who are experiencing socioeconomic challenges. Please click here if you would like to contribute to the SOAR program.  

Roger C. Loeb Scholarship

$4,000 from Roger Loeb for his endowed scholarship to provide merit and need based scholarships to CASL undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences, Health Psychology or Clinical Health Psychology.  

Dr. Richard Potts Endowed Scholarship

$3,000 from Willy Krusell ('70 Chemistry) to help provide scholarships to CASL students majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Environmental Sciences.  

Natural Sciences Support Fund

$2,500 from David ('83 Chemistry) and Sharon Spaight to help support the maintenance and/or purchase of equipment for the Chemistry Discipline. Please click here if you would like to make a gift to support Natural Sciences education at UM-Dearborn.  


Three Challenge Gifts

UM-Dearborn Ottawa/Canada Internship Program Endowment 

We announced last spring that alumni Eric Nemeth ('85 Political Science) and Paula Nemeth ('85 Mathematics Studies) made a generous challenge gift of $50,000 to ensure the Ottawa Internship Program continues long into the future.  If you would like to participate in this challenge, please click here to make a gift online.  You can also support support student scholarships for the program by clicking here.  

UM-Dearborn CASL "Get to Graduation" Fund

Alumna Cheryl Chapekis ('77 Psychology-Sociology) and her husband, Andy, made a generous challenge gift of $50,000 to help CASL students in need achieve their goal of completing their degrees.  If you would like to participate in this challenge, please click here.

UM-Dearborn Washington DC Internship Scholarship 

We received an anonymous challenge gift of $5,000 for this scholarship. If you would like to participate in this challenge, please click here.


September 2019

Chemistry discipline

$2,000 gift from an alumnus to support the purchase of chemistry equipment.

William H. Liebold, II Public Affairs Internship Scholarship

$2,000 gift from an alumnus to support public affairs internships for students who intend to go into public service after graduation. 

Helen Zawada-Bronisz Book Fund

We received two generous gifts both to support the purchase of textbooks for SOAR students:  one gift is expendable and the other will support a new endowment for the fund.

CASL Humanities Support Fund

Anonymous gift of $15,000.

Mary Ann and Tim Abeska "Get to Graduation" Fund

Alumnus Tim Abeska ('79 Political Science) very generously endowed this new fund with a $25,000 outright gift and $350,000 planned gift; his planned gift also includes an additional $125,000 unrestricted gift for CASL.

George and Alberta Abbott Fund in honor of NASA and Dr. Wernher von Braun

We received the final distribution from the Abbott estate in the amount of $501,853 for this endowed fund which supports technology and programming enhancements for the GAM Lab.


March 2019

UM-Dearborn Ottawa/Canada Internship Program

Alumni Eric and Paula Nemeth recently endowed a new fund to support the UM-Dearborn Ottawa/Canada Internship Program. Their generous pledge of $50,000 is a challenge to others to give to the program and ensure its continuation long into the future.  If you would like to make a gift, please contact Diane Gulyas, Director of Development, CASL, at 313-593-5504 or via email at  

Dr. Ned Fawaz Scholarship

Dr. Fawaz made an endowed gift that will provide scholarships to pay for tuition for UM-Dearborn students with financial need who are conducting research with the Center for Arab American Studies and/or in courses or internships offered by the Center. Eligible applicants will also be graduates from high schools located in Wayne County, MI. 

Study Abroad in Poland Scholarship

An anonymous donor made a gift of $10,000 to provide scholarships for UM-Dearborn students to participate in the CASL Study Abroad in Poland program

Helen Zawada-Bronisz Book Fund

Mary Ann Zawada made a generous gift in memory of her sister, Helen, to support the purchase of textbooks for students enrolled in the CASL SOAR program.


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