Q & A with New CASL Advisor Lynn Grimley

February 17, 2020

The CASL Advising office welcomes Lynn Grimley to the team! In the following Q & A, learn why Grimley is excited for her new role and shares why she thinks CASL students are unique.

CASL Connect: How long have you worked for the University and what position(s) have you held? 

Lynn Grimley: I worked with START Advising from 2016-2018 prior to relocating to Pittsburgh for my husband's research. While in Pittsburgh, I worked for a small private university in the student engagement arena. I missed advising, my students, and my colleagues at UM-Dearborn so much that I eagerly departed from Pittsburgh (leaving my husband behind) after only one year to return to UM-Dearborn and my job with START. While I miss my husband dearly, I'm so happy to be back with my vibrant UM-Dearborn family! I rejoined START in June of 2019; however, as somebody who thrives in relationship building, I'm excited to transition to CASL Advising where I can spend more time building long-term and meaningful relationships with my students. 

CC: What are you looking forward to in your position with CASL Advising? 

LG: I'm most looking forward to seeing my students through to graduation! I'm also very excited to be working for Susie Gassel again as she was my supervisor and mentor during my first advising experience with UM-Dearborn. I feel that I will learn a great deal about advising and student services through my new role and my awesome CASL colleagues. 

CC: In your opinion, what makes CASL/its students unique? 

LG: I think CASL is unique in its ability to integrate a student's interests, passions, and career goals into one coherent future plan. I think CASL students bring a high-level of creativity and meaningfulness to the academic paths that they choose and immerse themselves in experiences that lend well to an array of career opportunities. 

CC: How would you like to grow professionally in this role, and what are you looking to offer to students?

LG: I have a lot to learn about the in-depth curriculum and graduation requirements that are less pronounced in a first-year advising role. I look forward to being in close proximity to faculty and unique student questions that will challenge me to learn and grow as a student services professional. As an advisor, I offer students a place of encouragement and genuine caring that lets them know that they belong and that somebody is rooting for them. My relationships with my students make me love my job, and not many people get to say that they love their jobs. 


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