Program Length, Season and Appropriate Grade Levels

  • This program lasts 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours, and can be adapted to suit your needs.
  • The program is offered April thru November.
  • Appropriate for Grade Levels 6 –12.

Program Description and Activities

In this program we observe a host of local invasive plant and animal species, and explore their negative impacts on habitats, food webs, biological diversity, soils, and more.

Your students will be engaged in a multifaceted program experience that may include:

  • Investigating examples of local invasive plant or animal species.
  • Differentiating between native, non-native, and invasive plant and animal species.
  • Exploring the role of human activity in the introduction and spread of local invasive species.
  • Taking part in an invasive species removal activity.

More Details

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