For Presenters:

Presenters are the brains behind the Rouge River Water Festival. Presenters include professionals from federal, state, and local government agencies, natural resource groups, universities, museums, and  businesses. They are willing to volunteer their time to spend a day educating fifth-grade students about the importance of water and how their work is helping to ensure a healthy water supply. Presentations will be located across the University campus at both indoor and outdoor locations.

Each presenter will develop, coordinate, and present a 25-minute presentation for a group of about 30 students. This presentation will be offered to up to six different classes throughout the day. Hands-on and group activities are strongly encouraged to help make the presentations engaging for fifth-grade students and to help get them excited about learning.

Get more information on your role as a presenter and guidelines for presentations or contact Water Festival Coordination at 313-593-5354 or by email at

Registration for Presenters is now open!

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