About Us

The diverse and energetic Language, Culture and the Arts Department is the result of the recent merge of the Dept. of Language, Culture and Communication and the Dept. of Literature, Philosophy and the Arts. This dynamic department offers a wide array of undergraduate programs in Communication, Journalism and Media Production, Composition and Rhetoric, Linguistics, English, Philosophy and Art and Art History, as well as International Studies, or several languages such as Arabic, German, French, and Spanish.  

LCA's programs and courses bring an integrated and holistic approach to learning that nurtures students seeking a conscious and committed education for the interconnected reality of our world and time. The department's diverse faculty is dedicated to teaching and research with the students in mind first and foremost by promoting and championing necessary and current principles of effort, integrity, tolerance, and academic excellence. Our students think critically and hone in the abilities on demand to communicate and make decisions effectively in the global environment. The students and faculty work together to acquire and improve the tools to take relevant positions in their careers, serving in essential roles wherever they develop their lives.