The Geospatial Analysis and Mapping (GAM) Program at the University of Michigan - Dearborn supports and promotes the application of geospatial technologies in education, research, and community service.


UM-Dearborn offers a 16-credit hour GIS certificate for students enrolled in any major and for non-degree seeking postgraduates. 


The GAM faculty is actively pursuing research using geospatial technologies.  Students in the GAM program have also been engaged in research projects investigating potential sites for wetland restoration, identifying stream deserts, mapping conditions of bus stops in Detroit, etc.


The GAM Lab (1170 Social Sciences Bldg) is open to students enrolled in GAM courses and faculty who are interested in incorporating geospatial technologies into their teaching, research, or community outreach. 

The lab features 22 workstations with geospatial software, laser printers, a large-format (42") plotter and a large-format (36") scanner. 


  • Open Lab Hours:  Student proctors are available during open lab hours to assist students and faculty.  Consult the GAM Lab Calendar for available times.
  • Consulting:  Faculty who are interested in exploring geospatial technologies are encouraged to contact Dr. Walters.  She is available to consult with faculty about incorporating GIS into teaching or research and about creating custom maps for presentations or publications.  The lab staff are also available to assist faculty with creating lessons utilizing geospatial tools.
  • GAM @ UMD:  Google+ Community of users of geospatial technology at UM-Dearborn.  Faculty, staff and students at UM-Dearborn are invited to join this community to receive information about internships, job opportunities, conferences, workshops, etc.  To join, sign up for Google+ using your UM-Dearborn account and search for the community 'GAM @ UMD'.  
  • High quality poster printing is available to faculty, staff, and students working on faculty-sponsored projects or class projects. See instructions for poster printing.