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Current News

Dearborn Comeback gives individualized academic and financial support — including up to $5,000 in grants — to former UM-Dearborn undergraduate students who are coming back to finish what they started.
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters student MiKayla Adams has ambitious future plans including a career as an Army officer and the Donald Thomas Lico Endowed Scholarship is bringing her closer to achieving her goals.
Four UM-Dearborn faculty share their secrets for excelling in online classes.
Could this be the future of engineering education?
Enjoy the following Q&A with Nikki Wasilius, Administrative Specialist in CASL's Mathematics and Statistics Department.
The current political moment has caused economists to reflect on how they make sense of racial disparities.
Prof. Antonios Koumpias asked himself the research question: How does the UM-Dearborn Economics major compare to Economics majors in other U.S. schools in terms of diversity and inclusion? The short answer; very well!
UM-Dearborn Economics faculty recommend articles for COVID-19 analysis.
UM-Dearborn offers free virtual course on COVID-19-related topics. The six-session virtual learning experience will take place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays from July 21 through August 25.
Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.
The College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters introduces five new certificate programs for the fall that focus on food, language, media production and more.
“We are advocates of CASL because we feel that it gives you a good foundation to move forward in a changing world.” Alumni Dick and Linda Dyer created an endowed scholarship to help UM-Dearborn students on the path to success.
Dr. Susko returns to the classroom full-time
A UM-Dearborn professor and historian reflects on the promise of the current wave of activism, why America is more reformist than revolutionary, and how to stoke the fire of anti-racism.
Congratulations to several CASL faculty members on their new roles within the college.
Three UM-Dearborn Alternatives for Violent Force educators — a retired Michigan State Police chief, a Civil Rights specialist, and a Detroit community leader who's a member of the Detroit Police Department — weigh in on the global Black Lives Matter Movement and ways to address systemic racism.
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters faculty and American Society of Primatologists colleagues form action network for primate conservation.
Some researchers and their grad students are getting the green light to return to campus labs.
Looking for some summer reading suggestions? Check out these books by UM-Dearborn alumni authors!
Before anyone panics, UM-Dearborn naturalist Rick Simek wants everyone to take a calming breath — they aren't here — and remember not all yellow-and-black-striped insects are the same.
The Board of Regents, at their meeting on May 21, approved promotions and tenure for 10 CASL faculty members.
Michelle Rahman, a CASL alumna and staff member talks with us about her new administrative role in the Natural Sciences Department.
New program for College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters incoming students — CASL Foundations — takes the general education course requirements and turns them into a close-knit learning experience.
To support students and help them prepare for success today and in the future, the university modified some admissions and registration process policies. 
From late March though now, Psychology Associate Professor Brenda Whitehead has heard from more than 1,500 older adults nationwide about their pandemic stressors and joys. Here are some preliminary results of her research.


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