Catching up with Michelle Rahman in Natural Sciences

May 21, 2020

Michelle Rahman, a CASL alumna and staff member talks with us about her new administrative role in the Natural Sciences Department.

CASL: Describe your new position in Natural Sciences.  

Michelle: I am the Administrative Assistant; my main focus will be processing payments for the department's faculty.

CASL: How have you adjusted to working remotely?

Michelle: Working remotely has been for me, as I'm sure it has been for most, challenging, as finding a good work/home balance can be difficult if you're only ever at home. I quickly found that there were two things I needed in order to be my most productive: routine and space. Although the ability to just roll out of bed and wear sweatpants to work every day seemed like a huge benefit in the beginning, I found that waking up in the morning and going through the same routine I would if I were headed to campus got me better prepared for the day. I also have found that having a designated workspace has been important. After moving recently, I have been able to set up my home office so that everything I need is readily available and I can minimize distractions.

CASL: Are there any specific ways you have noticed CASL's Natural Sciences Department has been resilient and helpful to you during this time? 

Michelle: Although I have not yet had an opportunity to formally meet everyone in my department (my first day in the department was also the first day that the stay at home order went into effect), I have found everyone to be extremely helpful and understanding. Individual and group chats, video meetings, and more frequent emails have been vital in staying in contact with each other and my supervisor, Nicole Hefty, has been incredibly amazing at keeping me in the loop and working with me on training in necessary areas. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of a full department video meeting and a virtual awards ceremony, both of which brought everyone together and gave me the chance to put names to faces. Although working remotely has had some benefits, I am definitely excited to get back to campus when the time is right.

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