Knowing Nada: The Necessity of Support

March 11, 2020

Nada Bachir, who recently celebrated three years as the Assistant to the Dean of CASL defines herself as a person who values and provides support.

“My experience in this position has helped me grow professionally and have more confidence in myself,” she said. 

Bachir’s work primarily entails supporting the Dean and Associate Deans, but she also troubleshoots various issues that come up with students, faculty, and staff. Her work is spontaneous on a day-to-day basis and rewarding. 

Prior to working in CASL, Bachir worked at a charter school, which had its own set of challenges different from Bachir’s career here at the University. 

“I’ve learned since working at CASL that I’m a strong person,” she said. “Marty is very encouraging and supportive and values my opinion. I feel like I’m part of a team.” 

In addition to providing support, Bachir has also served as a mentor to the office’s administrative assistant Nicole Lennon. Learning to mentor one-on-one has also helped Bachir grow professionally. 

Support on and off campus 

During the Summer of 2019, Bachir took the advice of a colleague and researched the necessary steps to become a notary public. After attending webinars, taking her official oath, and having her application approved by the Secretary of State, Bachir qualified to offer this service in CASL in the Fall of 2019. 

“Over 20 faculty and staff have come to me to use this service!” she said with excitement. “It has helped me to provide further support and to get to know them better.” With the current success rate of the service, Bachir is confident more will come to her to use it. 

Keeping a handle on her professional responsibilities hasn’t interfered with Bachir’s main responsibility of being a mom to her two boys, ages 7 and 8. 

“They love going to museums, and I recently took them to the Cranbrook Museum. We’ve also traveled to different places in Michigan like Traverse City.” 

Bachir also is an avid reader, and firmly holds to the philosophy “I have to read a book before I see the movie because sometimes the movie doesn’t do the book justice.” 

Currently she’s reading In a dark dark wood, by Ruth Ware, and she loves Stephen King novels. 

Having a balanced life helps Bachir maintain a positive attitude professionally, which is especially important to have because of working in the Dean’s office- the place most people consider the “face” of the college. Positivity coupled with support inevitably makes Bachir a success. 

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