Natural Sciences Department Welcomes New Chair, Sven Morgan, Ph.D.

September 24, 2019

Sven Morgan, Ph.D., is a professor of geology and the new chair of the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Learn more about him in the following feature story.

Rocks, and a desired lifestyle. 

Dr. Sven Morgan’s interest in geology began in college, where he majored in Environmental Science, enjoyed being outdoors, and learned that rocks are a record of the earth’s history. 

He was also enamored with his geology professor, who wore a plaid shirt, sported a big beard, and worked in Alaska.   

“He looked like a geologist,” Morgan said. “The professor was so dynamic that I wanted to be that guy, I wanted his life.” 

And now, the life he wanted is the life he has. 

Morgan has chaired departments at both Central Michigan University, and Iowa State University. He enjoys doing research and being involved particularly in undergraduate education. 

As a professor of geology, Morgan’s research involves the study of magma plumbing; what happens three to four miles underneath a volcano that causes an eruption. His study of extinct volcanoes has led him to California, Utah, and Montana. 

In his administrative role as chair of the Natural Sciences Department in CASL, Morgan wants to help the faculty and staff get to know one another better since the department is large and includes a variety of areas of science. Morgan values teamwork, and aims to “streamline many of the duties we [Natural Sciences Department] have to do besides the teaching and research.”

Turning his attention to his students, Morgan describes his teaching style as “interactive.” 

“I like to have a lot of group work, and I don’t want to be just a talking head,” he said. 

When away from the world of science and academia, Morgan loves running, and exercising. He and his wife are also “empty-nesters” as both of their children are now in college. 

“My wife loves live music, so I can imagine that we will go to a lot more shows now,” he said.  

It’s without a doubt that whether Morgan is doing research, teaching, or spending time with family, he has designed a life he deserves and loves. 

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