Q & A with new Retention and Outreach Manager Morgan Yuncker

January 14, 2020

CASL Connect had an opportunity to chat with Morgan Yuncker about her new role in CASL. Read the interview below to learn more about her new professional adventure.

Tell us about your duties in your new role. 

MY: In this new role, I’ll still handle a few things regarding outreach such as articulation agreements, recruitment events for undergrad and graduate students, and collaborating with other offices such as Admissions, Advising, and Enrollment Management. 

On the retention side, I’ll focus on data collection and assessment of student success. I’ll also develop strategies in regards to retention, which will include working with the Provost’s office. 

In this role, what specific goals/strategies do you have for retention? 

MY: Overall goal is to increase retention for CASL as we are currently at 57%. I want to determine easy, immediate things to put into place, which could include programs such as a mentoring program, collecting data to see where we should put our efforts first, and then, identifying other short-term and long-term goals. 

In what way has your previous role prepared you for this position?  

MY: Especially with my last role focusing on recruitment, there was a lot of work focused on bringing in students, but we weren’t following through on the things we promised them. So that’s helped me to see certain things we can do to retain students, especially first-year students and transfer students. 

Also, having worked in admissions at a previous college, I was involved in orientation, and I got to hear what the students need instead of us assuming what they need. I’ve brought those skills with me to this role which has translated to us doing surveys with the students and looking at what programs we have and how can we make those programs better.

How can colleagues support you in this new role? 

MY: The biggest way would be for everyone to keep an open mind. There may be some retention ideas or strategies that may seem “off the wall,” but I think being open to new ideas is what we need in order to go in the right directions. 

Also, speaking of colleagues, I’d like to give a large amount of credit to Ellen Judge-Gonzalez who did a huge part of the legwork on this matter of retention for CASL. 

What challenges do you anticipate?

MY: I think the biggest challenge is that we’ve [CASL] never done this before; we’ve never had one person to solely focus on retention. It’s not going to be a clean process, and there will be things we try that are not successful. 

What interested you about this role? 

MY: I’ve done recruitment for five years, and didn’t get to focus on retention that much. I think student success isn’t just graduation but also their experiences here and them feeling like they enjoyed their time here. In this role, I’ll have the ability to hear from them [students] more to make their experiences better here. 

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

MY: I like a challenge and I think this role will challenge me. I’m looking forward to working with the students more and understanding their concerns. Also, working with data, faculty and advising, and student resources to get everyone on the same team and same page. 



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