2019 CASL Honor Scholars and Faculty Awards

February 22, 2019

University of Michigan-Dearborn will recognize 36 CASL students and one faculty member at the 37th Annual Honor Scholars and Faculty Awards Ceremony.

University of Michigan-Dearborn will recognize 36 CASL students and CASL faculty member Jim Gilmore on Tuesday, March 26 during the 37th Annual Honor Scholars and Faculty Awards Ceremony. The program honors faculty who have distinguished themselves in teaching, research and service, and students who have excelled academically.

H. James Gilmore

2019 Distinguished Service Award

H. James Gilmore, clinical professor of communication in the Department of Language, Culture, and Communication in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters is this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.

During his 11 years at UM-Dearborn, Professor Gilmore has provided the Department, College, and campus with wide-ranging creative talent and invaluable technical expertise. Professor Gilmore has revamped the curriculum of our production program to include more advanced production techniques.  He instituted a 48-hour film project in our advanced media production class, made the class a capstone course, and created additional courses in Documentary, Photojournalism and Media Performance. Each year he connects JASS students to many internships, creating opportunities by developing the original TV Series Michigan Crossroads that is produced by our student interns. This series builds on the best projects from our classroom courses and provides students the opportunity to host or direct a live-to-tape TV Magazine Program.

At the campus level, he played a crucial role on the CASL Technology Committee, created a promotional film on the First Year Seminar, served on the Dean’s Special Task Force on CASL Structure, served on the DDC Review sub-committee for Arts and Humanities, and served for five years on the Student Media Committee, including a two-year stint as chair. He is currently the faculty advisor to Campus Video Network. In addition, he has organized College- and University-wide panels and film-related events, including screenings of five of his most recent documentary films.

Beyond the University, Professor Gilmore has contributed to UM-Dearborn’s Metropolitan Mission through his academic service-learning work with Recovery Park, an urban farming initiative in Detroit. This semester his academic service-learning course has partnered with the Michigan Association of Infant Mental Health, and he has received a Ford Community Foundation Grant to support the work of students in the creation of multi-media projects in support of community outreach. Two of his recent feature-length documentary films (Men at Work and The Forgiving Earth) also advanced this mission by highlighting creative solutions to Detroit’s economic crisis. Professor Gilmore frequently serves as a screener for the Michigan Student Film Festival and for the Ann Arbor Film Festival. He is regularly tapped as a judge for local and national film festivals, including the Michigan Student Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Broadcast Education Association’s annual Festival of Media Arts.

Professor Gilmore has been a model of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration. The University of Michigan-Dearborn salutes him and proudly presents to him the Distinguished Service Award.

2019 CASL Honor Scholars

Anthropology: Teresa M. O’Malley

Applied Statistics: Theren J. Williams

Art History: Savona Safoui

Behavioral and Biological Sciences: Andra Cristiu

Behavioral Sciences: Sara El Souki

Biochemistry: Haifa Ali

Biological Sciences: Jamil Jomaa

Business Studies: Stephanie R. Barna

Chemistry (ACS Certified): Rachel Holthus

Communication: Jordan M. Ewald

Criminology and Criminal Justice: Lily F. Seccombe

Earth Science: Elise Arnett

Economics: Andrew M. Daulton

English: David Davis

Environmental Science: Anna Wahl

Environmental Studies: Griffin Bray

French Studies: Marie Suehrer

General Studies: Darrell C. Davis

Hispanic Studies: Micah E. White

History: Dylan J. Siwicki

International Studies: Nicole K. Brown

Journalism and Screen Studies: Lydia Sisko

Liberal Studies: Nancy M. Bartlett

Mathematics: Fatme Hourani

Microbiology: Ryan Sweetapple

Philosophy: Sean Strnad

Physics: Thomas Sutter

Political Science: Christian J. Ledford

Psychology: Mallori E. Young

Sociology: Matthew R. Fleming

Urban and Regional Studies: Kimmie L. Price

Women’s and Gender Studies: Hala M. Alazzawi

Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics: David Like

Graduate Program in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Michelle Lishin

Graduate Program in Psychology: Christin Dewit

Graduate Program in Public Administration: Troy Goodnough

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