Congratulations to the CASL 2021 Honor Scholars

March 8, 2021

University of Michigan-Dearborn recognizes 34 CASL students as 2021 Honor Scholars.

The Honor Scholar Award is presented to one active undergraduate student per degree program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of 90 credit hours earned by Fall 2020. Award recognition is also presented to one active graduate student per degree major with at least a 3.7 cumulative GPA and a minimum of three-quarters of their program completed by the end of Fall 2020.  The student, selected by the respective discipline faculty, also meets other criteria established by the department, school, or college, including contributions to the discipline through research and service activities such as tutoring, mentoring, and leadership in discipline-based student organizations. 

2021 College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters Honor Scholars

  • Actuarial Mathematics: Zachary Lewinski                                                        
  • Anthropology: Mallorie Clayton                                                          
  • Applied Statistics: Emily Piestrak                                                             
  • Art History: Briana Kemmerling                                                      
  • Behavioral and Biological Sciences: Wesam Almasri                                 
  • Behavioral Sciences: Zeena Mestari                                                             
  • Biochemistry: Larissa Dean                                                              
  • Biological Sciences: Mariam Rizk                                                                
  • Chemistry (ACS Certified): Ian Smith                                                                    
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice: Alexzandra Brochhagen                                               
  • Economics: Owen Fleming                                                            
  • English: Mariam Bazzi                                                              
  • Environmental Science: Krysten M. Bowen                                                       
  • Environmental Studies: Daniel Arini                                                                 
  • French Studies: Madelyn Vasbinder                                                     
  • Hispanic Studies/Spanish: Jessica Steslicki                                                         
  • History: Jessica L. Ledbetter                                                    
  • International Studies: Yahaira Vega                                                              
  • Journalism and Screen Studies: Mark Boyanowski                                                        
  • Mathematics: James Carzon                                                             
  • Microbiology: Erica Parmenter                                                          
  • Philosophy: Joseph Hughes                                                           
  • Physics: Nathaniel Pierce                                                          
  • Political Science: Joseph William Hughes                                               
  • Psychology: Zenon Sommers                                                         
  • Public Communication and Culture Studies: Fatooma Saad                                                            
  • Sociology: Stacey South                                                    
  • Urban and Regional Studies: Chelsea Hampton                                                       
  • Women’s and Gender Studies: Erin Richard                 


  • Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics: Nicholas Krupansky                                                    
  • Graduate Program in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Tracy L. Maish
  • Graduate Program in Environmental Science: Jay Noelker                                                                 
  • Graduate Program in Psychology: Joyce Kuribayashi                                                       
  • Graduate Program in Public Administration and Policy: Erin LaPere                                                                 


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