Recent CASL Faculty Kudos - January 2021

January 21, 2021

Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.

Professor of Sociology Pam Aronson had a cameo in a BBC video, Why Do We Fail to Reach Big Milestones?, that was released in December. She's featured along with other prominent scholars in her field. You can see Prof. Aronson about the 3 min 30 sec mark (or you can watch the entire 6 minute video). 

The timetable for achieving major life milestones, like buying your first house, getting married and having children, is shifting, while notions of the ‘right time’ remain grounded in the past. Younger generations are still reaching these milestones, but much later than they had hoped, creating a set of false expectations and frustrations. Why are we still pursuing ideals set nearly a century ago?


Congratulations to Associate Professor of Sociology Kevin Early on his upcoming TV appearances! Prof. Early will be appearing on the BET+ ORIGINAL crime series entitled American Gangster: Trap Queens. This true-crime docuseries takes a look at the rise and fall of infamous female criminals in America, featuring interviews with the queen pins themselves and the people who knew them best. Specifically, Early will appear with numerous law enforcement and criminal justice professionals in Season 2 Episode 2 and Season 2 Episode 4.  


Economics Professor Bruce Pietrykowski, who is a research scientist at the Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy, spoke with Bridge Michigan for the Jan. 11 articleLatino contractors seek bigger piece of southwest Detroit’s building boom.” Pietrykowski shared his concern on how smaller businesses don't always get seen — and that lack of visibility doesn't enlarge the wealth generation or the income distribution. He also shared how companies may not look into available local labor for their contracting and construction needs, instead choosing to reduce search cost and stay with a larger company they have previously hired. “So they go with who they've always gone with, which oftentimes shuts out people from the communities.”


Congratulations to Mathematics faculty members Yunus Zeytuncu and Kelly Jabbusch on their successful National Science Foundation proposal! With $114,964 in funding for two years, they will be able to support four additional Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students in 2021.

From the UM-Dearborn Office of Research, see recent awards for CASL faculty (December 2020).

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