Recent CASL Faculty Kudos - November 2020

November 10, 2020

Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.

To better understand why some women persist in STEM fields while others leave, Biology Professor Marilee Benore is traveling the world to collect oral histories from female researchers, scientists, lab directors and more. Her co-researcher is Rana Dajani, a professor at Hashemite University in Jordan. The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology magazine featured Benore and this work in the Oct. 22 article,What is success for women in STEM? “Self-efficacy is linked to success, and role models and stories are linked to self-efficacy. My early data indicate that over 80% of the women respondents rated stories about women as significant or important to them,” Benore said in the article. “I want to continue to conduct surveys and oral histories, find the threads of persistence, and share the stories so others can gain from the insight and experiences of successful women.”

Associate Professor Nick Iannarino recently won a Distinguished Article/Chapter Award from the National Communication Association’s Health Communication Division. His co-authored article on the efficacy of text messaging interventions for health promotion appeared in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

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