Recent CASL Faculty Kudos - October 2020

October 19, 2020

Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.

History Associate Professor Anna Muller contributed to the book Gender, Generations and Communism in Central and Eastern Europe and Beyond, which was recently published by Routledge. Muller’s chapter “Gender, Generational Conflict, and Communism: Tonia Lechtman’s Story” shares letters from Lechtman, a Polish communist woman with a Jewish background, to analyze why Polish Jews born in the early 1900s were drawn to the communism movement.

Focusing on non-Jewish female prisoners who returned to Poland soon after World War II, History Associate Professor Anna Muller uses oral histories and letters to examine the place of female support and friendship in the years immediately following the war. Muller includes the scope and nature of those connections in her article The Return: The Long Road Home of Female Concentration Camp Inmates,” which was recently published in the Polish Review.

In the 19th century, Germans were fascinated by the myth of the frontier — but instead of transatlantic migration, many encountered frontier landscapes closer to home through new settlements and the taming of nature on the edges of Germany’s many growing cities. History Assistant Professor Kristin Poling is the first to examine how 19th-century notions of progress, community and nature shaped the changing spaces of German urban peripheries in her book Germany's Urban Frontiers: Nature and History on the Edge of the Nineteenth Century City by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Director Donald Shelton’s penchant for proof, coupled with an interest in statistics and forensics, led him to conduct surveys to determine if the "CSI effect" was real or just an excuse "mainly from losers." The CSI effect is the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that influences public perception. His research and his judicial experience is featured in the Oct. 6 ABA Journal article, CSI effect remains a myth, retired judge says on 20th anniversary of popular forensic science show.”

CNN featured Psychology Associate Professor Brenda Whitehead and the research coming out of her Aging Well LabIn CNN Health’s “A senior's lifetime experiences help generate resilience to pandemic trauma,” published Oct. 6, Whitehead shared findings from her “COVID and Older Adults” research study regarding common stressors and sources of joy experienced by those aged 60-plus during the beginning stages of the pandemic.

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