Spotlight on the College-Wide Programs Staff

September 26, 2018

Staff members Nina Loveberry and Sandra Frolich play a big part in the success of CWP.

Nina Loveberry and Sandra Frolich
Nina Loveberry and Sandra Frolich
Nina Loveberry (administrative specialist) and Sandra Frolich (administrative assistant)

Today’s world is interdisciplinary, and oftentimes, solutions to problems are ambiguous. To prepare students to survive and thrive in the “real world,” CASL is home to College-Wide Programs (CWP), which include (but not limited to) Center for Arab American Studies, African and African American Studies, Honors Program, Women & Gender Studies, Women in Learning and Leadership, Behavioral and Biological Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Each program has its own director, but Nina Loveberry and Sandra Frolich also play a huge role in the success of CWP.

“The College-Wide Program office is lively, supporting, and encouraging.  Nina and I have numerous daily contacts with students and faculty.  We strive to ensure that each interaction is detailed, timely, and helpful,” said Frolich, the CWP administrative assistant.

Frolich has multiple years of customer service, sales, and marketing and uses these skills extensively for CWP. She enjoys learning new things, especially on Mondays and discovering new resources.

“My role entails making sure the College-Wide Programs (CWP) department runs fluidly and efficiently,” said Loveberry, the administrative specialist who works closely with Frolich. “I manage the finance and human resources (HR) aspects of the department ... the role as a whole is exciting and there are adventures everyday regarding grants, appointments, students or event planning.”

Loveberry recently held an administrative position in External Relations at the University and learned about the importance of consistent branding messages, to assisting with enrollment growth, and community engagement on behalf of UM-Dearborn. She’s convinced that teamwork is the key to success, and looks forward to bringing that comradery to CWP and CASL.

Frolich and Loveberry prove that while CWP has its respective directors, this team of two is a triple D: Dedicated, Dynamic Duo, and much of the seamless results of CWP events, and other happenings, are because of them.

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