Spotlight on Morgan Yuncker, CASL Outreach and Events Coordinator

July 20, 2018

Morgan Yuncker, a former Central Michigan University Chippewa, is now a UM-Dearborn Wolverine working as the Outreach and Events Coordinator for CASL.

“A Journalist’s first obligation is to the truth.” – The Elements of Journalism

Morgan Yuncker has always thrived as a writer. In college, she balanced being a student athlete with her writing aspiration to write political speeches or to become a reporter for ESPN. However, when it comes to truth, Yuncker also believes in being true to herself, which is why when she felt the pull to begin a career in higher education instead of beloved journalism, she didn't resist.  

“The transition from Journalism to Higher Education was actually a very simple one,” she said. “They are actually more alike than one may think.”

Yuncker, a former Central Michigan University Chippewa, is now a UM-Dearborn Wolverine working as the Outreach and Events Coordinator for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL). This position allows her to meet with various counselors and advisors at local schools or community colleges to explain what college is, and how students can benefit. On the home front, Yuncker meets with CASL faculty, and various offices across campus to understand their needs and program objectives to assist with marketing to prospective students.

“Everything revolves around the idea of, ‘how can we recruit successful students to CASL and best market a Liberal Arts degree?’ That is constantly a question on my mind,” she said.

Currently, Yuncker is in the process of reviving a CASL event to highlight CASL majors and minors to current students, transfer students, and student’s deciding to declare a major. She’s rallying the support of offices within CASL, such as the Student Advising Resource Team (START) office and the six CASL departments that house the many areas of study. This event, slated for Winter 2019, is an informal, yet informative way to allow CASL faculty and staff, students, and CASL alums the opportunity to collaborate, celebrate, and share the value of what’s offered within the college.

In addition, Yuncker is devising a graduate studies webinar, with the help of the College of Business, to share information and answer questions about CASL’s graduate programs. This event will be new for CASL and potentially reach a broader audience. 

As with any position, Yuncker sees her role as an opportunity to grow and challenge herself. She’s already impressed with the wealth of information within CASL and looks forward to learning from as many people as possible.

“Taking this position and leaving my last job really put me outside of my comfort zone, so I guess I want to continue to push myself so that I can grow more professionally and personally,” said Yuncker.

Admittedly, her “Where will I be in five years?” plan may not be solidified, but Yuncker isn’t bothered or worried. She prefers to take opportunities as they come, and learn extensively -- the true persona of someone with a Liberal Arts background.


by Leah Johnson-Olajide 

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