Welcome New CASL Faculty, Fall 2020

August 26, 2020

CASL welcomes five new full-time faculty members this fall.

Message from Dean Martin Hershock:

Dear CASL Community Members,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to our newest faculty colleagues.  I am sure that you will agree (as our new hires' records make clear) that the college continues to attract outstanding faculty.  Our academic programs, our students, and the college's research profile are all enhanced through such stellar hires. 

Once again, the various search committees involved in this process are to be commended.  Thank you all for your hard work.  

Please join me in welcoming our new colleagues to campus. 

Jie Fan

Assistant Professor of Biology, Dept. of Natural Sciences

Jie Fan received his Ph.D. from Beihang University and Postdoctoral training at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; City University of New York - City College. His study on endothelial cell chirality (handedness) demonstrated that cell chirality is closely related to tissue/organ function  in a human body. His lab focuses on exploring the roles of cell chirality in various aspects related to human health, including heart beating, blood vessel permeability, cancer development, and neurodegeneration. The ultimate endeavor of his lab is to develop novel preventive and therapeutic strategies for human diseases by utilizing the chiral property of cells.

Georgy Khabarovskiy

Lecturer III in French, Dept. of Language, Culture and Communication

Georgy Khabarovskiy comes from Russia, but has had a fascination for the French language and French/Francophone cultures ever since his first encounter with France as a teenager. Dr. Khabarovskiy received his Ph.D. in French/Francophone Studies from Indiana University. His research and teaching interests include travel literature of the interwar years, particularly in relation to travel, gender and colonialism, contemporary Francophone Caribbean and West African women writers, and foreign language pedagogy,

Kriszta Sajber

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dept. of Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts

Kriszta Sajber received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from SUNY – Stony Brook University. Most recently she was a visiting assistant professor at Misericordia University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Sajber's areas of specialization include applied ethics (biomedical ethics, ethics of technology, neuro-ethics, mental health justice); continental philosophy (classical phenomenology, existential phenomenology and post-structuralism); philosophy of medicine and mental illness.

Suvranta Tripathy

Assistant Professor of Physics, Dept. of Natural Sciences 

Suvranta Tripathy received his Ph.D. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Cincinnati. He joins the Natural Sciences faculty from the University of West Georgia where he was an assistant professor. Dr. Tripathy’s research experience includes building and calibrating an optical trap system and developing an undergraduate research program to study Single Molecule Biophysics of Motor Proteins in a Crowded Medium using Optical Trapping ­Methods. 

Tian An Wong

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Tian An Wong received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. He joins our Mathematics faculty from Smith College where he was a visiting assistant professor. Dr. Wong's research areas include number theory and representation theory. He recently was awarded a REACT (Redesigning, Evaluating, and Assessing Creativity Tasks) Calculus Fellow grant, sponsored by NSF DUE.

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