Enjoy the following Q&A with Liz Clark, Student Career Counselor in the CASL Internship Center.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Marlene Dupre, assistant director of CASL records/program manager in CASL's Advising and Academic Success office.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Elisa Madrigal, administrative coordinator in CASL's Mathematics and Statistics Department.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Tamarah Hawkins, financial specialist in CASL's Natural Sciences Department.
Professor of Psychology and founder of the Graduate Program in Health Psychology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Richard O. Straub will retire at the end of 2020.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Rachel Buzzeo, administrative specialist in CASL's Behavioral Sciences Department.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Sue Steiner, administrative assistant in CASL's Social Sciences Department.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Rick Morrone, Instructional Learning Associate in CASL's Language, Culture, and Communication Department.
CASL welcomes five new full-time faculty members this fall.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Nikki Wasilius, Administrative Specialist in CASL's Mathematics and Statistics Department.
Congratulations to several CASL faculty members on their new roles within the college.
The Board of Regents, at their meeting on May 21, approved promotions and tenure for 10 CASL faculty members.
Michelle Rahman, a CASL alumna and staff member talks with us about her new administrative role in the Natural Sciences Department.
Nada Bachir, who recently celebrated three years as the Assistant to the Dean of CASL defines herself as a person who values and provides support.
The CASL Advising office welcomes Lynn Grimley to the team! In the following Q & A, learn why Grimley is excited for her new role and shares why she thinks CASL students are unique.
Science and Dr. Marilee Benore are synonymous.
CASL Connect had an opportunity to chat with Morgan Yuncker about her new role in CASL. Read the interview below to learn more about her new professional adventure.
On the Advising team in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters is Lisa Andrews, Academic Advisor, who has worked for the college for the last seven years. CASL Connect sat down with Lisa to ask her a few questions about her career, challenges, joys, and hobbies.
Recent faculty awards and publications.
Sven Morgan, Ph.D., is a professor of geology and the new chair of the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Learn more about him in the following feature story.
Greg Taylor, a ’89 B.S.EE grad, and a TV Engineer Sr, has worked at the University of Michigan-Dearborn for 36 years.
CASL welcomes four new full-time faculty members this fall.
Congratulations goes out to our very own Kyle Ralston, student office assistant in the Department of Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts!  Kyle received the “Outstanding Student Employee” Award for 2019 at the Student Leadership Awards.
We are honoring our legacy by inviting two speakers, novelist Josh Malerman and pholosophy professor Dr. Nora Berenstain, to represent the spirit of success and excellence that the department embodies.
It’s fitting that Giannina Wilson loves cinnamon; it’s a spice with multiple functions, much like Wilson in her role as the Academic Program Manager in CASL.


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