Science Learning Center Modules and Due Dates

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  • Review the modules online before visiting the Science Learning Center.
  • For each module, make an appointment to meet with a Science Learning Center assistant to complete a post-test.

See the main Science Learning Center page for details on how to meet with an SLC assistant remotely.

How to schedule an appointment: Step-by-step instructions

Starting from the Science Learning Center site: 

  1. Click the "Schedule a Module Appointment" button to go to
  2. Enter your UM uniqname and password
  3. Click on the "Get Assistance" button
  4. Select "Academic Success", then "Science Learning Center" from the drop-down menu
  5. Select "SLC Study", and type in the specific module for which you want to make an appointment. Make separate appointments for each module.
  6. For "Preferred Location", select "Science Learning Center"
  7. Select your preferred date and time
  8. Click "Confirm Appointment"
How to cancel an appointment: Step-by-step instructions
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UM uniqname and password
  3. Under "Upcoming Appointments", click on the appointment you want to cancel
  4. In the lower left corner, click on "Cancel my attendance"
  5. Choose any reason for canceling and submit

Modules and Due Dates

ASTR 130 - Introduction to Astronomy
ASTR 131 - Introductory Astronomy Lab
ASTR 133 - Search for Life in Universe
BIOL 140 - Intro Molec & Cellular Biology
Module Due Date  

Introduction to Graphing (A2) (pdf)

Graphing with Google Sheets information

Before Lab,



Use of pipettes (B7) (pdf)

Before Lab,


Pasco Spectrometer (pdf)

Before Lab,


Requires Appointment
Aseptic Techniques (B13) (pdf)

Before Lab,


Automatic Micropipettes (D11) (pdf)

Before Lab,



Summer 2020 SLC Module Records (pdf, Sorted by lab section, then last 4 digits of ID)

BIOL 301 - Cell Biology
Module Due Date
Automatic Micropipettes (D11) (pdf)  
Graphing With Excel (pdf)  


BIOL / ESCI 320 - Field Biology
Module Due Date
Dichotomous Key (C8) (pdf)  
Pressing Flowering Plants (C11) (ppsx)  
Herbarium II specimen  
CHEM 134 - General Chemistry IA
CHEM 136 - General Chemistry IIA
Module Due Date  
Roots And Powers (A7) (pdf) Jul 10, '20  
Logarithms (A11) (pdf) Jul 10, '20 Schedule two back-to-back appointments

Transformations Of Exponential Equations (A12) (pdf)

Graphing with Google Sheets information

Jul 17, '20

Schedule two back-to-back appointments

You will need access to Google Sheets

Quadratic Equation (B10) (pdf) Jul 24, '20  
pH Meter (A3) (Windows Media Video .wmv) N/A  
Chemical Nomenclature (Comprehensive) N/A  


Chemical Nomenclature Quizlet Sets

Summer 2020 SLC Module Records CHEM 136 (pdf, Sorted by last 4 digits of UMID)

General Chemistry Safety (Powerpoint)

CHEM 146 - General Chemistry IIB


Module Due Date
Distillation (open in Firefox or Chrome)  
Gas Chromatography (open in Firefox or Chrome)  
IR Spectroscopy (open in Firefox or Chrome)  


CHEM 227 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 344 - Quantitative Analysis
Module Due Date
Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (pdf)  
ENST/STS 301 - Concepts of Environmentalism
ENST 305 - Env Instrumentation and Analys
GEOL 118 - Physical Geology
NSCI 231 - Inquiry: Physical Science
PHYS 125 - Introductory Physics I
PHYS 126 - Introductory Physics II
Module Due Date  
Digital Multimeter (B1) (pdf)   Requires Appointment
Oscilloscope (B2) (pdf)   Requires Appointment
PHYS 150 - General Physics I
Module Due Date

Significant Figures (A4) (pdf)

Writing In Exponential Notation (B9) (pdf)  
Vectors 1 (pdf)  
Vectors 2 (pdf)  
PHYS 151 - General Physics II
Module Due Date  
Digital Multimeter (B1) (pdf)   Requires Appointment
Oscilloscope (B2) (pdf)   Requires Appointment
Vectors 1 (pdf)    
Vectors 2 (pdf)    

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