What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions help you succeed in historically difficult courses.

SI study sessions are:

  • Free!
  • Open to all students
  • Collaborative
  • Informal
  • Regularly scheduled
  • Facilitated by peers who have done well in the course
  • Completely voluntary

Nic was just awesome at discovering where we needed help, and then helping us, AND was very warm and encouraging and very kind. I never felt dumb for asking a question or giving a wrong answer. My grades got better in no small part because of SI!

Joey and Jamie were both extremely kind and helpful and saved me and my grade in this class. Without them I would have been left to study alone and I wouldn't have found out the benefits of group studies! Thank you so much to both :)

- 2017 SI Survey Responses


  • What will I do during an SI session?
    During a session, you might:
    • Compare class notes
    • Discuss important concepts 
    • Practice problem solving
    • Develop organizational tools
    • Test yourself before the professor does
    • Share successful study strategies
    • Ask questions!
  • What does an SI leader do?
    SI leaders:
    • Structure SI study sessions so they are efficient and focused on the most important and difficult material
    • Help you learn how to learn effectively in specific courses and disciplines
    • Attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students
  • How do we know SI works?

    Students who attend SI earn higher grades on average than those who don't attend.

    Recent UM-Dearborn data:

    • In Behavioral Sciences, regular SI attendees' final course grades were ½ to one full grade higher than non-attendees. 
    • In Natural Sciences, 96% of students who regularly attended SI earned a grade of C or better, compared to 83% of non-attendees.
  • Which classes have SI sessions?

    See the Schedule of SI Sessions in Behavioral and Natural Sciences for a list of classes that are currently supported with SI.

    SI is also offered in Business and will be in certain CEHHS courses in the Fall 2018.

  • When are the SI sessions for my class?

    See the Schedule of SI Sessions in Behavioral and Natural Sciences.

    SI is also offered in Business courses and will be added to certain CEHHS course in the Fall 2018.

  • How do I become an SI leader?

    Apply to become a Natural Sciences SI leader by filling out our online application

    To apply to become an SI leader in Behavioral Sciences; Social Sciences; Literature, Philosophy and the Arts by e-mailing your interest to SI-BehSci@umich.edu 

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