Rather than being simply editors, peer consultants are experienced readers who offer students guidance on a range of issues relevant to improving their communication effectiveness.

Consultants help students understand assignment goals; formulate an approach to an assignment; develop confidence for new writing tasks; develop awareness of audience, purpose, and context; develop a focus/thesis; articulate and organize ideas; see the need for additional evidence; generate revision strategies; identify and use appropriate resources; improve control of grammar and mechanics; and become more skilled in using APA, MLA, Chicago and other documentation styles.

In-service meetings and supervised sessions with faculty provide peer consultants with regular preparation in the theory and practice of tutoring writing.

If you are interested in applying to be considered for a consultant position, please submit a letter of application, a writing sample, and a letter of recommendation from a professor.  Submit all materials to the Writing Program office, 3018 CASL Building.  For more information please call the Writing Program office at 313-593-5238.