Meet the writing center consultants.

The Writing Center at UM-Dearborn has many consultants ready to assist you.

Sara Arnold

I am a senior here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn finishing my double majors in Psychology and English. I absolutely love to write and help people, and here, I have an opportunity to do both! I am passionate about poetry and the creative aspect of writing, but I enjoy other forms of writing as well. During my sophomore year, I won first place for the Writing Program's contest in the Community category for an ethnography (like investigative journalism). When I am not in the Writing Center, I am working one of my other jobs, listening to music, playing sports, finding time to write poetry, and hang out with family and friends.

Reema Baydoun

Hello! I'm currently a sophomore here at UM-D, and after careful self-assessment, I chose to major in English instead of pursuing a far-fetched, Grey's Anatomy inspired future. My biggest hobbies are creative writing and sports, so when I'm not watching Michigan Football, I'm probably writing a poem about it. I have always been passionate about writing, and as a new member of the Writing Center crew, I'm excited to channel that passion towards helping others strengthen their abilities.

Abby Bigenho

Hello! I am currently a sophomore here at UM Dearborn and majoring in Behavioral Sciences. I currently have not decided on a minor, but journalism is a good possibility. I'm a major book nerd and I love writing as well. In fact, I'm currently working on my own novel. Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies; so working at the writing center is a perfect fit for me. I look forward to helping my fellow students with their writing, and maybe even learning something from them in the process.

Christopher Blum

As a junior at UM-D who is currently pursuing a degree in Robotics Engineering, I might appear out of place working in an environment such as the Writing Center. I, however, am not one for such stereotypes, especially when it comes to the stigma of engineers not being able to write well. With two years in the Honor’s Program under my belt, I feel I have all the experience I need to help my fellow students in their writing endeavors. That all being said, I still am an engineer at heart, so when it comes to translating your ideas into words on the page, I’m your guy.

On top of that, I’m a musical enthusiast (I was a percussionist in high school and still think to my own beat); love video games, be it the mechanics, story, or the raw competition, and am a new member of the Intelligent Systems Club (ISC), where I, a friend, and a few others are building a quadcopter, something none of us have done before.

I look forward to helping as many people as I can with their assignments, and hope that whoever is reading this is one of the many that I can, and will, assist in my time at the writing center.

Bobby Hendricks

Hello! My name is Bobby and I'm a Sophomore here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I’m currently majoring in Psychology, but I'm considering adding another major in Criminal Justice. In writing, I enjoy research, organization, and idea development; however, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand in other areas. Even though I love writing today, that was not always the case. Numerous bad writing experiences in high school led me to hate and avoid it, but that changed during my Senior year when I took a course in research writing and fell in love with it. I hope that my work in the Writing Center can help my peers change any negative thoughts or feelings they may have towards writing and turn it into something that they can enjoy.

Ali Reda Jeafar

I am a History and Philosophy double major with a minor in Political Science. I am absolutely thrilled that I am able to work in the writing center at U of M Dearborn because writing has always been a very strong passion of mine; so much so that, in fact, I went ahead and published my very own book called "Peaceful War" while I was still in high school. I had started writing the book back when I was a freshman in high school, and it took me until the beginning of my senior year to finally have it all done and published. It was an amazing accomplishment that I and my parents are immensely proud of. I hope to carry on my love for writing into the writing center and, hopefully with some luck, inspire others to either publish their own books or pursue a career in writing if that is something that they love doing. If there's something I love doing almost as much as writing, its being of some help to people in some way, and working at the writing center will allow me to do just that.

Alexandra Kaniaris

Currently a senior at U of M - Dearborn, I have a double major in Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies. I have experience working at Adrian College's writing center, and have an immense interest in the writing process. I offer a form of peer consulting that varies from brainstorming ideas to cultivating organizational strategies to revising and critiquing narrative pieces. Outside of the Writing Center, I'm an active member of Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), as well as a skater and partial owner of the Detroit Derby Girls.

Aaron Kipfmiller

I'm new to University of Michigan-Dearborn, having transferred in as a junior. However, I'm definitely not new to the Writing Center scene. I spent several semesters as a Writing Consultant at my previous college. For me, Writing Centers have always created such a positive learning environment that I knew I wanted to work in one when I got to Dearborn. I've always had a love for writing as well. My bookshelves are filled with classic novels, and I find writing an essay to be fun. I even hope to publish a literary work someday. I am currently studying political science, as well as pursuing a secondary teaching certificate for English and Social Studies. Outside of school, I am an avid football fan, spending my weekends on the couch screaming at my teams, as well as a runner, pianist, and movie geek. I'm looking forward to working with you in the Writing Center!

Chene Koppitz

As someone with dual majors in Communications and Gender Studies, my interest in working in the Writing Center is immense. I’m most excited to work with my fellow students, both as colleagues and as clients of the Center. All opportunities students, faculty and staff have to interact with each other in positive, productive ways will only help the campus toward becoming a true community. I’m a former film and music publicist and Community Events Director for the Triangle Foundation, one of Michigan’s largest LGBT and Allied organizations. While I’m a former New Yorker, I was born and mainly raised in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. My campus involvement includes Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) and the D-Tab committee, which was assembled to aid transfer students as they acclimate to UMD. A huge fan of Detroit’s music and culture, I can be found at Derby Girls bouts, the Detroit Film Theatre or any of our city’s many musical venues whenever I can be.

Gabriella Oudsema

Hi! I’m Gabi. I’m a sophomore in the Honors Program at University of Michigan-Dearborn, and I’m currently working on a major in Philosophy. I don’t have a minor yet, but I do have varied interests; I take a variety of classes outside of my major just because they seem fun. When I’m not doing the homework for all these classes, I’m drafting my debut novel. When I’m not drafting—which, sadly, is most of the time—I’m reading, paddle boarding, tending a small army of houseplants, or mucking out my two guinea pigs’ cage. Working as a writing tutor is a recent addition to this list of activities, and one I am eager to dive into. I hope to provide both open ears and constructive criticism to all those brave enough to seek out our fair Writing Center.

Roy Singleton

Hello all, I am a senior here at UM-Dearborn with a double major in English and Philosophy. My major focus and passion in life is creative writing, as I've been reading and writing such work since I was in elementary. While I originally was only interested in being a novelist, I've grown to know and love the arts of poetry and short stories as well. I've also had experiences with theatre and playwriting, which was an absolute treasure to be a part of.

My other great passion, probably emphasized by that half of my majors, is philosophy. Even before I knew what the word truly meant I had a profound admiration for philosophical debate and inquiry. One of my favorite pastimes is to share various perspectives on life and the universe.

While I never fancied myself an educator of any kind, I've always had a passion and talent for writing, and I hope my experiences in this field will allow me to help others improve their writing and learn to love it like I do.

Katelin Smith

Hello! My name is Kate, and I’m currently a senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, studying for a double major in English and Business Studies, with the goal to also gain a Writing Certificate. I’ve been at the Writing Center for over two years now, and I still have the same enthusiasm of helping students that I had when I first started. The challenges of writing a good paper, personal statement, cover letter, or any other kind of piece can seem intimidating, but I’m sure that as a team, we can figure out how to tackle the challenges that present themselves.

Despite the fact that I still have about three semesters worth of classes to go in my studies (thanks to a late change from my original degree, Criminal Justice) my enthusiasm for writing hasn’t wavered. During my off time from working on homework, studying in class, or working at the Writing Center, I’m usually working on several creative writing projects, which I hope to publish when they are complete. I have self-published a few short stories on the internet, but I would like to get into a big-name magazine or publishing house with more recent works! Art and reading take up any other free time I might have, and I’m always looking for good book recommendations.

Andy Tigani

I'm a junior here at UM-D, one credit short of being a senior (thanks, Math 090!). I'm a Psychology major and recent Journalism and Screen Studies major because I like psychology, but I really do love film.

I love music, playing music, listening to music. I'm open to any genre, so let's converse about it. I love photography. I'm fascinated by philosophy and have a strong, harsh opinion about many things I'm passionate about, probably the reason I helm the University's Philosophy Club with my friends.

Writing has always been a part of my life, always will be. Aside from the instances in the grind of my academic career, I do more than dabble in various forms of fiction writing including novels and scripts for movies, plots for TV shows, etc. Occasionally, I try my hand at poetry because finishing things is ideal.

I'm always worried that some of the major efforts in my career will be worthless, for nothing, but working at the Writing Center has been a great opportunity so far to see my advice and experience actually help someone. I'm looking forward to continuing to do so.