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Farwa Akbari

Farwa is a Public Health major, minoring in Biology. Farwa enjoys working on personal narratives, argumentative, and research papers. Outside of school Farwa enjoys reading, painting, and sports.


Zahraa Aljebory

Zahraa is majoring in Psychology, and minoring in Public Health. She is fluent in both English and Arabic. She enjoys research papers, argumentative essays and personal narratives. Outside of school, Zahraa likes to spend her time journaling, baking for her friends and family, and going out to eat.


Erik Arney

Erik is a Computer Science major pursuing his Writing Certificate. He has experience writing in a variety of genres, ranging from academic essays and technical reports to poetry and short stories. In his free time, Erik likes to write fiction, read books, and watch movies.


Jonathan Bilko

Jonathan is a Pre-Medical student majoring in Chemistry. He enjoys working on academic writing, such as argumentative and research essays. Outside of school, Jonathan is interested in professional sports, space, personal finance, and travel.


Emily Cabadas

Emily is a General Business Pre-Law student at UM-Dearborn. She enjoys working with creative writing, argumentative/persuasive writing, and MLA formatting. On campus, she is involved in Greek Life in Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. In her free time, she enjoys shopping and reading true crime novels.


Hussein Chammout

Hussein is a Public Health major in his third year here at UM-Dearborn. He is skilled in argumentative essays and creative writing. At home he likes to read, watch movies, listen to music, and create stories of his own.


Erin Choate

Erin is a Sociology major and Environmental Studies minor. She is apart of the Honors program and enjoys reviewing grammar as well as working on creative and argumentative essays. Outside of school, Erin enjoys snowboarding, making pottery, and listening to music.


Leo Davila Castro

Leo is majoring in Journalism and Screen Studies. Additionally, he's minoring in four subjects: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science. He's proficient in both in English and Spanish. Leo enjoys writing argumentative, discursive, and expository essays. Writing, reading, playing the piano, debating, and thrifting are his favorite past times.


Lena Hakim

Lena is an English major with an Arab American Studies minor who loves anything and everything writing-related. She is particularly skilled in working with MLA, academic writing, creative pieces, and literary analysis. Lena is part of the Honors Program, co-leader of Writing Center After Dark, and an academic tutor for children and teenagers. Outside of school, she loves writing poetry and drinking iced coffee in a galaxy far far away.


Leah Higgins

Leah is a double major in English and Journalism, minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. She enjoys editing grammar and punctuation, along with argumentative and research essays. Outside of classes, Leah is involved in many student organizations such as Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, the Michigan Journal, the Honors College, and Amnesty International.


Grace Iaquaniello

Grace is an English major in her senior year. Grace enjoys helping students with argumentative essays and personal narratives. Outside of school, she loves doing any outdoor activity with friends and family.


Jason Kendrick

Jason is pursuing a degree in English. He enjoys assisting students with research papers, argumentative essays, and literary close-reading. Along with being able to navigate MLA formatting, he also enjoys researching and is in pursuit of his Writing Certificate here at UM-Dearborn. Outside of the school environment, his hobbies include meteorology, working out, and listening to classical and fusion jazz music. His ultimate goal is to make every student feel more empowered about their writing with every visit.


Dawson Kinsman

Dawson is a Mathematics and Economics major. She enjoys reading all types of essays, but argumentative and research papers are her personal favorites. Outside of the Writing Center, Dawson is a member of Swing Dearborn and the Honors College.


Parker Macfarlane

Parker is a Pre-Med student majoring in Art History. They enjoy assisting students with research papers and personal narratives. During down time, they enjoy archery and literature.


Ava Messisco

Ava is a Psychology and English double major with a Political Science minor. She enjoys working on research papers, argumentative essays, and literary analysis, and likes focusing on essay construction and grammar. When not in the Writing Center, Ava enjoys reading and writing, listening to fiction podcasts, and curating her all-black wardrobe.


Elizabeth O'Hotzke

Elizabeth is a Pre-Physician Assistant student majoring in Biology. She enjoys working with all kinds of writing, especially argumentative and creative pieces. In her free time, she loves to be outside, play sports, volunteer, and spend time with her family.


Vivienne Ornelas

Vivienne is an English and Journalism and Screen Studies double major. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is currently learning French and German. She is experienced with various forms of writing, including literature and screen analysis, creative writing, and journalism. In her free time, she likes attending concerts and sporting events, baking, going to museums, studying music, and going to the movies.


Abbey Parker

Abbey is a Political Science major and a member of the Honors Program. Her favorite styles of writing include narrative, expository, and argumentative, although she enjoys working with students on all types of writing assignments. Outside of school, Abbey loves to cook, watch "bad" shark films (Sharknado, Sharktopus), and help manage media within her Youth Caucus.


Mitch Smith

Mitch is an Integrated Science major in the Secondary Education Program. He practices analytical, personal, and creative writing. Outside of school, he enjoys film/television, podcasts, and table top games.


Jana Taleb

Jana is a Pre-Med student majoring in Integrative Studies with concentrations in Biology, Psychology, and Political Science. She is bilingual in both Arabic and English. Jana enjoys helping students with all types of essays, but her favorites include personal narratives, creative writings, and argumentative essays.


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