Spotlight on Partnerships: CEW+ and SOAR

December 11, 2020

SOAR and CEW+ have a long and valued partnership of collaboration on behalf of students.

CEW+ supports women and underserved individuals on the Ann Arbor campus, advocating and providing resources to help them reach their academic, financial, and professional potential. SOAR and CEW+ have a long and valued partnership of collaboration on behalf of students. UM-Dearborn nontraditional students – those with significant breaks of time in their schooling or those who are primary caregivers in their families can apply for CEW+ scholarships. Many SOAR students have received generous scholarships from CEW+ over the years. While the financial help is significant, the recognition and opportunities afforded CEW+ Scholars is what is most meaningful to the students. SOAR CEW+ Scholars can find mentors in CEW+, attend workshops and conferences hosted by CEW+, celebrate milestones, partner on projects, and grow their professional networks.

We are pleased to recognize this year’s SOAR student CEW+ Scholarship recipients and share information about their specific scholarships.


Salene Riggins, CASL, Integrative Studies

Linda J. Rider Scholarship: This scholarship in celebration of Linda J. Rider was established by her family in 2004. When Linda enrolled at the University of Michigan at the age of 41 to earn her bachelor’s degree, she was a professional writer, editor, photographer, and single mother. To honor her accomplishment of earning an undergraduate degree as a nontraditional student, the Linda J. Rider Scholarship is awarded to women who need financial assistance to return to college later in their lives. 


Shalom Kebede, CECS, Computer and Information Science

Irma M. Wyman Scholarship: The Irma M. Wyman Scholarship provides support for students in engineering, computer science, and related fields on either the graduate or undergraduate level. Criteria for selection also include merit, promise of future contributions, and life circumstances. Irma was a 1949 graduate of the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, one of two women in her class. She became involved with the computer industry in its early stages and rose to become the first female vice president at Honeywell, Inc., then a Fortune 100 company.


Dawn Isby, CASL, Integrative Studies

Molly H. Dobson Scholarship:  Created in 1992, the Molly H. Dobson Scholarship supports women returning to school to complete undergraduate degrees. These scholarships recognize women who have shown creativity, persistence, and dedication while striving to complete their education. The scholarships were created through the generosity of Molly Dobson, a dedicated emerita member of the CEW+ Leadership Council and an active volunteer in the University and larger Ann Arbor community. 

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