Learn more about I (Incomplete) and X (Missed Final Exam) grade guidelines.

It is possible to be granted an I (Incomplete) in situations where a student has completed most of the work for a course, but something unforeseen happens near the end of the term which prevents the student from completing the course. The student must consult with the instructor, explain the circumstances, and provide documentation if requested. If the instructor agrees, together the student and the instructor will complete an Incomplete Contract. The completed contract must be turned in by the instructor to CASL Advising (1039 CB) or to the Office of the Registrar (1169 UC).

The X mark can be recorded in situations where the final exam is the only thing that is missed. This might occur if illness or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents you from taking your final exam. If this should occur, be sure to contact your instructor immediately. If the instructor agrees, you may make arrangements to take a make-up exam within five weeks. No contract is required for an X grade.

The deadlines for completion of I and X marks will be established by the academic unit to which the course belongs, not the unit to which the student belongs. For example, if a COB student is granted an Incomplete in SOC 200, a CASL course, it is the CASL deadline (4 months) that would be the default. Likewise, if a CASL student is granted an Incomplete in a COB course, it is the COB deadline (5 weeks) that would be the default. We remind you that any instructor may set a deadline earlier than the default deadline established by the academic unit.

Both the I and the X remain permanently on your transcript.

If coursework is not complete by the respective deadlines an E is added automatically and counts as a failing grade in the gpa. 

If you have questions about I/X deadlines or procedures, please see a CASL advisor.

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