Resources to Support Your Study of Economics

Your economics instructors are all happy to talk with you about strategies for succeeding in the Economics Program, preparing for careers, and/or preparing for graduate work.   We view your success as our success.  The American Economic Association’s student resource portal contains a wealth of information for undergraduate students with an interest in Economics such as an 8-minute video about what a career in economics entails or undergraduate research opportunities in Economics.  The AEA also offers a Summer and Scholarship Program.

If you are interested in learning what you can do with your economics degree and what courses are useful for your favorite economics field(s), check out our Career Paths in Economics Guide. For the complete list of fields go to the AEA-JEL classification.

The UM-Dearborn campus offers a variety of resources to help students succeed.  For example, you can get guidance on effective study habits and schedule a meeting with a tutor and get support for remote/online learning and work.  UM-Dearborn has four learning centers: the Kochoff Language Lab,  the Math Learning Center, the Science Learning Center, and the Writing Center. One characteristic of successful individuals is that they seek out and use available resources to help them achieve their goals. We all need help along the way.

Since women and people of color are under-represented in the economics profession, groups have developed to support their study of economics. For example, the Research in Color Foundation focuses on preparing students of color for graduate work in economics.  The Sadie Collective supports undergraduate women of color studying economics and related fields.  This group is named for Sadie T. M. Alexander, the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. in economics in the U.S. (1921).  The American Society of Hispanic Economics provides support to Hispanic Americans studying economics. 

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