University of Michigan-Dearborn offers Latin 101 and Latin 102.

Latin 101 introduces the fundamentals of the Latin language with the goal of providing the basic skills for reading and translating Latin poetry and prose. The strong influence of Latin on the English language, as well as the survival of Latin in its modern forms (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Roumanian) will be used to illuminate the importance of Latin for understanding western language and thought.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop, at an appropriate level, a knowledge of the essential forms, grammar and syntax of the Latin language; familiarity with basic Latin vocabulary,
  • To develop a sensitive and analytical approach to language by seeing English in relation to a language of very different structure and by observing the influence of the ancient language on our own,
  • Ability to read, understand and translate adapted passages in Latin,
  • Acquisition of some understanding of the civilization within which the literature studied was produced,
  • To develop the ability to observe, abstract and analyze information, paying due regard to evidence, and to develop a sympathetic awareness of others’ motives and attitudes.