Students gain practical knowledge in their areas of study and improve their prospects upon graduation.

Below are our established internship programs, but ALL CASL Majors are welcome to do an internship.
Criminology and Criminal Justice Internship

The CCJ internship provides supervised field experience in a variety of occupational agencies focusing on criminal justice and law enforcement.  Actual field experience will provide students with valuable tools to help them achieve their goal and produce humane leaders with the technical skills and social and ethical sensitivity needed to succeed in their chosen field.       

Economics Internship

The Economics Internship offers students field experiences with businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. The placement allows students to get hands-on experience applying the tools of economic analysis to specific job and project assignments. 

Environmental Studies Internship

Interns get experience in field assignment relating to their environmental interests in organizations such as government or private business. 

Humanities/History Internship

The Humanities/History Internship offers a variety of fieldwork experiences such as Communications/PR/Social Media, Film/Broadcast/Journalism, History/Philosophy/Law, Museum Studies/Art Administration, International Studies, and more. These field experiences are designed to advance your career decisions and goals.  All majors welcome.        

Ottawa Internship

The Ottawa Internship Program is designed to provide a first-hand learning experience in Canadian government through placement with a Member of Parliament or Senator in the capital of Canada.  Students work in a parliamentarian's office in Ottawa for a period of five weeks in the summer. All majors are welcome.

Politics, Policy and Law Internship

Learn how to enter an exciting career while working at an internship in Metropolitan Detroit, Lansing, or Washington, D.C.  Internships include real work such as conducting research, writing correspondence, helping solve problems, and we will connect you to a network of professionals. Our program is designed to provide you guidance and support that you need to be successful at your internship.

Psychology Internship

Internship opportunities are available for juniors and seniors to obtain practical experience working under supervision in a setting relevant to psychology.  Some of the areas of work include Children’s Services, Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Developmental Disabilities, Emotionally/Behaviorally Challenged, Geriatric, Industrial/Organizational/Human Resources, Medical, Mental Health, Neuropsychology, Substance Abuse, Teens Services, Women’s Services.

Urban and Regional Studies Internship

The Urban and Regional Studies internships offer students the opportunity to learn and apply concepts learned in Urban and Regional Studies coursework to real world settings in municipal and regional government offices, non-profit and community organizations, or businesses dedicated to design, development, or data. 

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