Criminology and Criminal Justice Internship

Criminology and Criminal Justice internships are designed to provide field experience for Criminal Justice majors.

Actual field experience will provide students with valuable tools to help them achieve their goal and produce well informed students with the technical skills along with social and ethical sensitivity needed to succeed as leaders in their chosen fields.  The Criminal Justice Studies internship has a seminar component.  The seminar helps students make informed decisions relative to their future career in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice related fields.  Both the internship and seminar provide opportunities for students to personalize their learning experience.  Students are supervised by a faculty advisor.


To apply for this class, students must be in their 3rd or 4th year of their major and have a minimum of a 2.0 Grade Point Average.  Additionally, student may select to take this class for either 3 credits (80 hours of internship service) or 6 credit hours (160 hours of internship service).

The CCJ internship provides supervised field experience in a variety of criminal justice and law enforcement agencies along with sociological agencies.  Each intern spends a minimum of 80 or 160 hours on site and attends a weekly(classroom) seminar.  Currently employed or retired sworn federal, state, and local officers or agents may waive, through petition, the internship field experience.  All students are required to register for and attend the weekly seminar.

The internship application deadlines are as follows:

  • Winter term:  September 1- November 15* of prior year
  • Summer term: January 1- April 15* of current year
  • Fall term:  June 1- August 15* of current year

* indicates cut off dates

  • Students must submit an application, interview with the internship coordinator, and submit all necessary documents by the deadline date before they are considered to be eligible for an internship.
  • The application process for all federal agencies must begin a minimum of 6 months prior to the semester for which the internship is sought.

(deadline dates revised as of February 2021)

For more information, contact:

Gregory Osowski, Internship Coordinator
or the CASL Internship Center