Humanities/History Internship

The Humanities/History Internship offers a variety of fieldwork experiences designed to advance your career decisions and goals.

We provide placements for academic credit in such fields as Communications/PR/Social Media, Film/Broadcast/Journalism, History/Philosophy/Law, Museum Studies/Art Administration, International Studies, and more.

A hybrid internship seminar, HUM 485/HIST 3085, meets the first four Mondays from 2:00 - 3:15 p.m., and pairs reflective coursework with your internship fieldwork. This course is mandatory for JASS/JMP, COMM, and ARTH Museum Studies Tracks.

  • Three credits =112 total hours, or 6-8 a week.
  • Four Credits = 149 total hours, or 8-10 a week. Minimum for JASS/JMP, INT'L ST, COMM and ARTH.
  • Five credits = 186 total hours, or 10-12 a week. 
  • Six credits =224 total hours, or 14-16 a week.

 Students may take up to six credits in one semester, and up to 12 total credits of internship.

Please reach out to Liz Clark for information on the Humanities/History Internship Program. You can email her at, make an appointment with her in your student portal, or call her at 313-593-5136. 


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