The Politics, Policy and Law Internship Program currently has internships available in several areas of particular interest.  If extended an offer, you can:

  • Register for and earn six upper level credit hours
  • Receive a scholarship for transportation expenses
  • Receive a recommendation letter from your supervisor
  • Gain professional experience necessary to a job after graduation
  • Add a network of contacts to help your career

Most importantly, all of our student placements are professional and academically-meaningful, which means your internship does not involve getting coffee or making copies

If you are motivated to make a difference in the world and learn more about a career, use our online application form and upload your resume. After you apply, we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible, and will work hard to find you a great placement!

Politics, Policy and Law Internship

2152 (Prof. Nancy Kursman)
Social Sciences Building
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