The earlier you apply for an internship, the greater likelihood that you will receive an offer and be placed in your ideal organization. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed, it is based on application and by selection.  Make sure that you apply at least one semester before you plan on doing an internship. 

The final deadline for uploading your application form and resume is three weeks before the first day of final examinations in the preceding semester. For example, if you wish to intern in the fall semester, your last day to apply is three weeks before the first day of final exams for the summer semester. 

Note: For Washington, D.C. students, summer internships are very competitive and many students apply for the same position. For Washington, D.C. students, the deadline for applying for a Summer internship is March 1st.

Placement Process

When your file is complete, the Director will match your placement preferences with currently available openings in the fields you have indicated on the application form. After you have confirmed your interest in an interview, you will send your resume to these placements and they will contact you directly for an interview. If you are offered an internship position you will inform the Internship Director and set up an appointment to go over the requirements and expectations and obtain the forms to register for the internship placement (POL 495) and the internship seminar (POL 494) and to go over the academic requirements for the internship.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I do an internship?

Internships are available during fall, winter, and spring/summer semesters.

How many hours of work does the internship require?

The internship experience consists of a total of 160 hours of work. Most students work at their internship two full days per week for ten weeks, and go to class on the other two days of the week. Thus, most students retain their full-time status by enrolling in the internship work (3 credit hours), the internship seminar (3 credit hours), and additional courses as needed. Interns earn six hours of upper level political science credit upon successful completion of both components of the program. Three credit hours are for your work experience.  The other three credit hours are upon successful completion of the Internship Seminar class which is offered in the Fall and Winter semesters.

What majors are accepted?

All majors (except Criminology and Criminal Justice) and all class standings are welcome to apply for an internship.

Is there a minimum GPA?

You must have a 2.5 grade point average to be eligible.

Will I be offered a job?

Many of our students are offered a position upon finishing their placement, but there is no guarantee that this will occur. Oftentimes placement supervisors are able to recommend other organizations that are hiring and offer to write you a letter of recommendation.

Is there scholarship money available?

Currently we offer students scholarship money to defray the cost of parking and gasoline to their placements. Placements in Lansing, Michigan receive additional consideration because of the travel costs and time.

When should I apply for an internship?

After you have finished one semester at the University of Michigan-Dearborn you are eligible for placement. It is a good idea to make sure and turn in all of the required materials to our office as soon as possible as the best placements are first-come, first-serve.

How do I get an internship in Washington, D.C.?

Students wanting to intern in Washington, D.C. foreign policy, defense and intelligence agencies and think tanks need to apply as early as possible as many placements have extensive background clearance procedures. The Director will match your interests with placements that are currently accepting applications. Washington, D.C. is a very competitive and desirable placement, so you need to consider applying to a number of venues to obtain the best offer.

What are the costs for a Washington, D.C. internship?

Students are required to pay for three credit hours tuition, based on your registration status. Students are required to take the internship seminar course before their placement, or in the fall semester following their placement. Students are also responsible for food, housing, transportation, laundry, and entertainment expenses. You can obtain a schedule of expected costs from our office.  Scholarship money is available for Washington, D.C. interns.

Where would I stay?

We have arranged housing through the George Washington University Summer Housing Program located in Washington, D.C. GWU housing rates are very reasonable and the campus is centrally located in Foggy Bottom, accessible to the Metrorail and bus routes, the Kennedy Center, and the State Department. Students may arrange their own housing or they are welcome to use our housing arrangement through George Washington University. Students need to pay in full the housing costs to GWU and the tuition fees to the University of Michigan – Dearborn before going to Washington, D.C.

Helen Mataya Graves Political Science Internship Scholarship

The purpose of this award is to recognize academic achievements of UM-Dearborn students and to support, through tuition stipend, the participation in non-paid internship experiences which enhance the students’ educational and career objectives. Applicants must have achieved sophomore standing (25 credit hours) and be enrolled in a political internship for the term in which he/she is applying.

Students need to apply to the Financial Aid Office directly to the Helen Graves Political Science Internship scholarship award.

Politics, Policy and Law Internship

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