Read testimonials from students who have participated in cooperative education.


  • Rogelio Castillo, the City of Dearborn Economic Development Team and Bosch

    "This co-op from the first day threw me into a situation where I had to think on my feet to give support.  No amount of classes can provide you with an experience where on the first day you are the face of an organization within minutes of being on the clock.  This experience has been the single more life changing experience I ever had."

  • Christeen Marshall, Ferndale Career Center

    "My experience as a Youth Monitor at Ferndale Career Center has done more than grant me career specific experience.  It has given me an opportunity to learn more about myself;  my weaknesses and strengths, and emphasized my passion for social work."

  • Sunbal Virk, Bodman Law Firm

     "I believe the whole purpose of taking the seminar along with our co-op positions is to be able to see how our jobs can and should relate to a learning experience.  We shouldn't be thinking of our positions as just a job, but instead it should be seen as a potential learning field."

CASL Co-op Office

Suite 285 -
Fairlane Center North (FCN)
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