Game design undergraduate program continues among top 50 ranked by The Princeton Review

April 24, 2021

University of Michigan - Dearborn stays in the ranking list of the top 50 undergraduate schools for game design by The Princeton Review this year.

The Princeton Review recently released its 2021 ranking list naming the top 50 undergraduate schools offering game design programs. The game design undergraduate program offered by the Department of Computer and Information Science in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan - Deaborn continues among the top 50 internationally ranked by The Princeton Review this year. Please read the relevant Princeton Review's press release for more details.

In addition to the current game design programs, the UM-Dearborn will launch a new undergraduate minor program in game design in Fall 2021. For further information about the game design programs at the UM-Dearborn, please send your inquiries to


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