• Program: Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science
  • Status: Ph.D. Candidate 
  • Position / Appointment: Graduate Student Instructor  
  • Research Focus: Cybersecurity, Computing and Networks,  & Automotive Engineering
  • Career Focus: Academia 



Research Projects

My research involves cybersecurity, smartphone security, and privacy. I am interested in vehicle security and privacy, and automotive engineering. My current research focuses on the security of in-vehicle network. With recent advancements in the automotive world and the introduction of autonomous vehicles, modern vehicles are getting more external interfaces and software modules. The automotive cybersecurity has become a main and primary issue as new attacks and vulnerabilities are emerging. Researchers have demonstrated how to compromise in-vehicle networks and further control the vehicle. In order to come up with measures to detect and protect against in-vehicle attacks, we propose a novel, two-stage intrusion detection system (IDS) based on rules and deep learning. We examine the performance of the proposed IDS with the objective of using it in real-time situations. Our experiments show the proposed IDS is able to detect in-vehicle network attacks with a low false-positive rate. We are currently in the process of advancing this work. 

Computer and Information Science

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