• Program: Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science
  • Status: Ph.D. Candidate  
  • Position / Appointment: Graduate Student Instructor
  • Research Focus:  Intelligent Software Engineering and Software Refactoring
  • Career Focus: Academia



Research Projects

My Ph.D. research is concerned with the application of intelligent search and machine learning in different software engineering areas such as refactoring, testing, and documentation. My current research interests are Refactoring, software maintenance and evolution, software bots, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and software quality.

My recent research contributions include: (1) Our empirical studies on how developers refactor their code in CI contexts; (2) how we used this knowledge to design usable artificial assistant for refactoring code, using interactive multi-objective optimization and clustering algorithms, that interacts with developers in proactive ways, becoming a ‘real’ member of the development team; and (3) how we ensured that the artificial assistant is usable, by performing large-scale user studies. We validated our intelligent refactoring bot, using a large number of open-source and industrial projects and conducting user studies and controlled experiments with professional developers.

Teaching Assistant / Instructor 

  • Software Engineering I & II - Professor: Dr. M.Kessentini
  • Discrete Structures II - Professor: Dr. D.Yoon
  • Computer Organization & Assembly Language - Professor: Dr. D.Yoon
  • Discrete Math - Professor: Dr. B.Elenbogen
  • Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis - Professor: Dr. B.Elenbogen
  • Algorithm Design & Analysis - Professor: Dr. W.Grosky
  • Discrete Structures I & II - Professor: Dr. S.Neji
  • Big Data - Professor: Dr. O.Dehzangi
  • Advanced Data Mining - Professor: Dr. O.Dehzangi
  • Expert Systems - Professor: Dr. O.Dehzangi
  • Big Data Lab Sessions
  • Advanced Data Mining Lab Sessions

Computer and Information Science

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