Introducing Dr. Hugo Casquero, our new Assistant Professor

November 17, 2020

Welcome Dr. Hugo Casquero

The Department of Mechanical Engineering would like to introduce Dr. Hugo Casquero, a former postdoctoral researcher in the mechanical engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University, who has joined the University of Michigan-Dearborn as Assistant Professor. Dr. Casquero’s research is focused on developing accurate, robust, and efficient computational methods and using them to solve problems in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, biomechanics, and multiphysics. Current activities in his research group include achieving a seamless integration between design and analysis of thin-walled structures, studying the dynamics of vesicles, capsules, red blood cells, and droplets under different types of flow, and developing structure-preserving spline discretizations of magnetohydrodynamics to solve problems in fusion energy.

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