CECS Non-Resident Graduate Tuition Scholarship


The Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship covers up to 80% of the difference between the residential and non-residential graduate tuition rate.  This scholarship is renewable in subsequent terms. Students must meet GPA and other criteria that are listed below to be eligible for the scholarship. 

Award amount

up to 80% of the difference between the residential and non-residential graduate tuition rate.  This scholarship is renewable in subsequent terms.

Full eligibility requirements

You may be eligible for a non-resident graduate tuition scholarship, if:

  • You are a non-resident graduate student in the College of Engineering and Computer Science & taking 500+ level courses.
  • Must be a degree seeking student.  (certificate programs are excluded)
  • You select at least six (6) credit hours per semester and have a minimum GPA of 3.2 if you are a continuing student.  If you are in your final semester or in the summer term, you may be eligible if you select three (3) credit hours.  Please email umd-engingrad@umich.edu to help process your application manually.  
  • You must maintain minimum credit hour requirements each semester you receive this scholarship. If you drop below the required number of credit hours upon which your scholarship was based or withdraw completely from your courses, you will be expected to repay all or part of your award for that semester.
  • If convicted of any form of academic misconduct, the scholarship may be rescinded.
  • This scholarship is awarded for consecutive fall and winter terms and the initial amount displayed in the student portal assumes a 6 credit hour registration. If a student enrolls in additional credit hours, an additional amount will be disbursed at the term’s drop/add deadline. 
  • Scholars may elect to use the scholarship during the summer term. However, a separate Summer application must be submitted.
  • You are not working as a GSI or GSRA.
  • Only one (1) online class will be allowed per semester. All others must be taken on campus. 
  • Students matriculated in the fully online version of a program (meaning that they do not plan to take on-campus courses for the entirety of their program) do not qualify for the non-residential scholarship, but instead receive a discounted tuition base rate
  • Review additional details about conditions of your award.

How to apply

The Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship has moved to an automatic process effective for the Fall 2020 semester and ongoing.  If you are a new incoming admit and qualify for the scholarship you will receive an email from financial aid with instruction on how to accept the scholarship.  Continuing students will have their scholarship automatically renew if they continue to meet all terms and conditions.

Summer Scholarship Information: Students may elect to use the scholarship during the Summer Term.  New Summer Term admits will have the scholarship processed automatically.  Continuing students need to email umd-engingrad@umich.edu to notify the college of your intent to register for Summer courses and have the scholarship manually applied to your account as long as all terms and conditions of the scholarship are met.  

If you have any questions, please contact CECS Graduate Education Office @ umd-engingrad@umich.edu

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