The award is established through NSF's "Undergraduate Research in Sustainable Energy" (U-RISE) program.
Five faculty-led projects were selected for internal grants of up to $20,000.
Dr. Marouane Kessentini, Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science, received a research grant from Lokaksema, Inc.
Rodolfo Lozano received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in electrical engineering, graduating with High Distinction.
Dr. Rajeev Agrawal, a Computer Scientist from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, visited the CIS department and gave a distinguished research seminar on "Custom Visualization of Scientific Phenomenon".
Professor Andrian Marcus from The University of Texas at Dallas visited the CIS department and gave a distinguished research seminar on "Using Text Retrieval in Software Engineering The Story of a Research Idea".
Prof. DeLean Tolbert was recognized last month at DAPCEP’s 6th Annual Real McCoy Awards.
Sami Ben-Romdhane, VP & Fellow of Platform & Infrastructure Architecture, eBay, visited the CIS department to discuss potential research collaboration and gave a talk at the CECS Industrial Speaker Series.
The CIS department held a special distinguished seminar in honor of Dr. Bill Grosky for his 16 years of service as CIS chair. The seminar featured the distinguished speaker Dr. Farshad Fotouhi, dean of the College of Engineering and professor of computer science at Wayne State University.
Dr. André Weimerskirch, VP Cyber Security at Lear Corporation, visited the CIS department to give a distinguished seminar on V2V security and privacy.
Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student Muhammad Tayyab won first prize for his poster in the graduate student category. 
Matt Vanitallie, the Founder and CEO of Sema - an R&D company using machine learning and other cutting-edge techniques to improve legacy software, visited the CIS department to give a talk around Automated Legacy Software Maintenance through Machine Learning.
A partnership with GE and Workforce Opportunity Services offered participants academic training, work-study—and full-time job offers at GE as Java developers.
Two sessions are available for registration: Session I runs October-November 2017; Session II runs March 2018.
Dr. Di Ma and Dr. Brahim Medjahed, together with their Ford research collaborator Dr. Pramita Mitra, provided a panel talk on "Navigating security and privacy in next-generation of mobility" in Automation Alley Tech Takeover program.
The event brought together over a dozen faculty members to showcase their research in the areas of autonomous/connected vehicles, vehicle electronics, and cybersecurity.
Dr. Qiang Zhu has been named chair of the Department of Computer and Information Science.
Dr. Di Ma and Dr. Jinhua Guo, together with Dr. Yujian Fu from Alabama A&M University, organized the 3rd online Faculty Workshop on Pervasive and Mobile Computing Security.
The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) has named two faculty members as collegiate professors in recognition of their teaching, research, and service.
CIS faculty members are the first recipients of the CECS Excellence Awards
Professor Margaret Burnett gave a seminar sponsored by the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program about "Womenomics and Gender-Inclusive Software: What the Software Industry Needs to Know".
Professor Tao Xie gave a seminar sponsored by the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program about "Software Analytics: Data Analytics for Software Engineering".


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