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Select Grants and Awards (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017)

The college's state-of-the-art laboratory facilities offer effective and comprehensive areas for applied research that support the curriculum and build strong partnerships with industry, government and the community.

Award Grant Institution Amount PI PI from outside CECS
NSF:CAREER:The Symbiosis of Graphical Models and Games National Science Foundation $110,272 Luis Ortiz  
Monotonic Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of Bar Steels Subjected to Constant and Overload Amplitude
Loading: Phase XIV and XV
American Iron and Steel Institute $50,693 Hong-Tae Kang  
Mechanisms of tolerance to severe water stress in animals Louisiana State University $6,220 Nilay Chakraborty  
Development of Simulation Tool for Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Phase 2) Hyundai NGV $88,051 Taehyun Shim  
REU Supplement to EAGER: Model Driven Framework for Audio Forensics National Science Foundation $16,000 Hafiz Malik  
Power America: Sub-Topic 4 Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles Kettering University $48,778 Mengqi Wang  
Fatigue Characteristics of Aluminum Sheet Alloys Aleris Inc. $14,438 Hong-Tae Kang  
A Support to Increase the Participation of Blind and Visually-Impaired Researchers and Students to the
Search-Based Software Engineering Conference
National Science Foundation $20,000 Marouane Kessentini  
Preparing Future Automotive Professional for the Upcoming Automated Vehicle Era: Engineering Education for Next Generation Vehicle Design Denso North America Foundation $50,000 Bochen Jia  
REU Supplement: GOALI: Behavior of Materials from Natural Cellulose Fibers and Plant Resins for Automotive and Other Applications National Science Foundation $5,000 Alan Argento, Wonsuk Kim  
Road Testing and Modeling of Packet Latency for Dedicate Short Range Communications (DSRC) and
Long Term Evolution (LTE) Based V2X Systems
LG Electronics, Inc $186,912 Weidong Xiang, Yi Lu Murphey  
CAREER:The Symbiosis of Graphical Models and Games National Science Foundation $104,069 Luis Ortiz  
Fatigue Characteristics of a Cast Steel Subjected to 4-Point Bending Load General Motors Company $17,999 Hong-Tae Kang  
RI: Autonomous Mobility Applique Systems Supplement WD 006 REV 06 Department of Defense, Department of the Army $99,843 Steve Underwood  
RUI: A Mechanistic Investigation on How the Redox Chemistry of MitoNEET Regulates Energy Homeostasis on Cellular and Molecular Levels Eastern Illinois University $122,126 Nilay Chakraborty  
Students Travel Grant for the SSBSE Symposium National Science Foundation $10,000 Marouane Kessentini  
Development of Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Spotweld Bonding and Spotweld for Mixed Materials General Motors Company $44,338 Hong-Tae Kang  
Design of light trapping structures for thin film solar cells and its performance enhancement Three Gorges University $20,023 Ya Sha Yi  
Driver-Centered Intelligent Vehicle Systems Year 6 TRW, Inc $107,000 Yi Lu Murphey  
Highly directional beam emission control of scintillator detectors utilizing integrated nano-on-nano graded
index photonic structures for biomedical and security imaging applications
National Science Foundation $100,000 Ya Sha Yi  
I-CORPS: Commercialization study of Marangoni Mediated Lyopreservation National Science Foundation $50,000 Nilay Chakraborty Chitra Subramanian (Med School)
Keurig Brewer Sound Quality Target Setting and Design Improvement Keurig Green Mountain $41,640 John Cherng  
Simulation Techniques for Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistant Systems in Commercial Vehicle
Hyundai Motor Company and Kia $129,998 Taehyun Shim  
Static and Fatigue Characteristics of Various Joints for Sheet Steels V-Eng $60,000 Hong-Tae Kang  
DAPCEP Fall 2016 - CECS Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) $3,300 Ghassan Kridli  
Development of New CAE Methodology for Warpage Prediction of Injection Molded Plastics Upwind Technology Inc $75,000 Hong-Tae Kang  
Face Recognition Magnet Marelli Holding $9,300 Yi Lu Murphey  
Development of Spark Ignition Engine Thermal Management System Model for System Optimization Hyundai Motor Company $280,681 Dohoy Dewey Jung  
I-CORPS: Search-Based Interactive Software Refactoring Technology National Science Foundation $50,000 Marouane Kessentini  
Research and Development of An FPGA based Three-phase High-efficiency SiC Inverter for Electric
Mercedes-Benz $118,092 Kevin (Hua) Bai  
TRI-Developing a personalized Guardian system to assist aging drivers through machine learning, sensor
fusion and data mining
Toyota Research Institute $981,207 Yi Lu Murphey, Yung Wen Liu Umesh Patel (Office of Research)
Bruno Giordani ( Psychology)
Carol Persad (Psychiatry)
David Eby (Transportation)
Lisa Molnar (Transportation/ Behavior Science)
Wide-Band-Gap (WBD) Semiconductor Based Inverters with High Power Density and Efficiency Wayne State University $73,500 Kevin (Hua) Bai  
Autonomous UAV Landing in a Box on a Moving Platform Department of Defense, Department of the Army $29,993 Stanley Baek  
MISR: Miniature Ignition Rapid Compression Machine for Kinetic Measurements of Novel Fuels Department of Energy $518,828 Patrick Lynch  
Guardhat Material Selection and Product Lightweighting (SCIP-MCRN Match) Guardhat Technologies LLC $10,000 Pankaj K Mallick  
Development of bio-signal measurement system and analysis algorithms related to seat comfort Hyundai Motor Company $150,000 Yi Lu Murphey, Bochen Jia  
Probing Hypoxia and Fatty Acid Synergy in Beta Cell Impairments via Multimodal Microfluids Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health $155,292 Joe Lo  
Application of Hybrid Switches (GaN + Si) to the >97%-efficiency 7.2kW Level-2 Charger Hella North America $113,500 Kevin (Hua) Bai  
AZO target sintering behavior and its film property ameliorated by Mg, Si co-doped Three Gorges University $46,729 Ya Sha Yi  
Validation of Fatigue Life Prediction Models for Gas Metal Arc Welding Auto/Steel Partnership $58,762 Hong-Tae Kang  
CAREER: The Symbiosis of Graphical Models and Games National Science Foundation $104,069 Luis Ortiz  
CAREER: Energetic Radical Reactions and Impact on High and Low Pressure Combustion National Science Foundation $501,084 Patrick Lynch  


Source: University of Michigan Board of Regents

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