The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is a student centered community of learning, with you at the center. There are many people and offices on campus who are dedicated to assisting you reach your full potential, academically and beyond. Your success in CECS and at UM-Dearborn is very important to all members of the CECS staff, faculty and administration. Remember: Be the driver, not a passenger of your life!

  • Engineering Learning Center

    The Engineering Learning Center (ELC) is a resource for academic support for CECS students. The ELC offers Supplemental Instruction sessions for selected first and second-year courses. 


    Winter 2019 Schedule 

    ECE 210 


    1:00 - 2:00 pm

    Room 1310 PEC 

    ECE 273 

    Monday & Wednesday 

    9:30 - 10:30 am

    Room 1340 PEC (29 seats)


    Monday & Wednesday

    3:00 - 4:00 pm

    Room 1310 PEC (26 seats)  

    ECE 270 

    Monday & Wednesdays

    12:00- 1:45 pm

    Room 1340 PEC (29 seats)

    ECE 3731                                                      


    9:30 - 11:00 am

    1330 PEC

    IMSE 317        


    3:00 - 5:00 pm 

    1110 PEC



    3-3:45 pm

    Room 1110 PEC



    10 - 11:45 am

    Room 1110 PEC

Supporting Student Success

  • Tutoring

    The Office of Advising and Academic Success coordinates tutoring for upper-level classes in engineering and computer science. It is highly recommended that CECS students attend recitations and/or Supplemental Instruction sessions offered for CECS courses when offered (see the link for the Engineering Learning Center above).  


    If sessions are not offered for your class or you feel you would benefit from more individual tutoring consult your course instructor to see if a tutor is assigned to your class.  


    If a tutor is not assigned,  contact Jennifer Makas,  CECS Student Success Coordinator ( for assistance in finding or setting up tutoring for upper-level classes in engineering and computer science and for coordination for lower-level courses.


    If tutoring is required for lower-level CECS or non-CECS courses please follow the link to the "Office of Student Success" above.

  • Research Help

    Need help completing research papers, assignments or team projects? Elaine Meyer, Engineering/Math Librarian, assists both undergraduate and graduate students with research.  Students can request a consultation online, or contact her at:


    Phone: 313-593-5561

CECS Student Checklist

The following guidelines can help you prepare to be a successful student, and ensure that you make the most of your educational experience

  • Before Classes Begin

    Attend Orientation

    New UM-Dearborn students must attend New Student Orientation, where you will attend advising and register for your classes. It is important to have taken all placement exams before attending orientation.

    Mathematics Placement Exam

    The mathematics placement exam is required of all new Freshman students regardless of previous coursework, and is required of all new Transfer students who have not completed at minimum Calculus I at a previous institution.  The mathematics placement exam must be taken prior to attending orientation. Sign-up to take the exam or practice mathematics problems.

    English Composition Placement Exam

    All admitted students to UM-Dearborn are required to take the English Placement Exam.  This policy assures a certain level of writing proficiency for all graduates.  It is important that all students take the English Placement exam before beginning at UM-Dearborn, and register for the English Composition course which they were placed into. Sign-up to take the exam.

    If a student has not taken the exam within six weeks into their first semester at UM- Dearborn, they will be placed on registration hold for the next registration period by the Writing Program.

    Foreign Language Placement Exam

    Students who wish to take foreign language courses should contact the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100 to schedule a placement exam. Foreign language course credit is not awarded by exam. Students who have taken two or more years of foreign language, and wish to continue courses in the same language, must take a placement exam.

  • Freshman and Sophomore Years

    Familiarize yourself with university policies

    Become familiar with university policies, deadlines to add/drop courses, and the difference between dropping one course and totally withdrawing from all courses. 

    Strengthen study skills

    Form study groups in your classes. Do extra practice through the Mathematics Learning Center, the Student Success Center, and other offices. Develop time management and effective study skills. 

    Start networking with your classmates

    Join a student or professional organization to start networking with classmates. 

    Get to know your instructors

    Get to know your instructors by meeting them during office hours.

    Plan ahead

    Plan out ahead of time all the courses you will take until you graduate. Check that you are taking the courses that are pre-requisites for other courses so that you’ll be able to take your courses in proper sequence. Some courses are offered only once a year and you need to plan accordingly. Check with your advisor about your course plan. Learn how to use Degree Works for course planning.

    Schedule your required advising appointment

    Make your required advising appointment each semester with your assigned academic advisor so you can register for your next semester classes

    Declare your major

    Choose and declare your major, if you were “undecided” when admitted. 

    Learn about our co-op programs

    Plan to take the courses needed for co-operative education. Attend Co-op information sessions.

    Learn about our study abroad programs

    Consider studying abroad through one of our exchange programs in Germany or Sweden. Please contact Suzanne Schwarz ( for more information.

  • Junior and Senior Years

    Please note that the timeline may differ for transfer students but are applicable to all students.

    Meet your faculty advisor

    At 44 credits you are assigned to a faculty advisor in your major. See UM-Dearborn Connect to find the name of your advisor. Consult your advisor about course plans and career goals. Check that you are meeting your degree requirements.

    Senior Audit

    Once you have 86 credits towards your degree (not 86 credits total) a CECS advisor will complete your Senior Audit. The Advising Office checks eligibility each term and generates appropriate audits

    Make sure you've met all requirements

    The semester prior to your last semester, make an appointment with the CECS advising office to check that you will meet all your degree and graduation requirements.

    Sign-up for employment help

    Register at the Career Services Office for assistance in finding employment, and attend campus-wide career fairs and events.

    Submit your diploma application

    Submit your Diploma Application through UM-Dearborn Connect by the 4th week of your last semester.

Advising and Academic Success

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Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)
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