Student Teaching


To be eligible for student teaching, students must complete an application and attend a mandatory application meeting. Application meetings for fall student teaching will be held in the previous September. Application meetings for winter student teaching will be held in the previous March. Failing to attend an application meeting could result in waiting until the next application period. Announcements for the application meetings will be posted throughout the College of Education, Health, and Human Services and are available below. Students should regularly check the webpage, emails or call the Field Placement Office at 313-593-5094 for specific dates and times. Prospective student teachers must be of good moral character, have suitable personality traits, aptitude for teaching and good physical and mental health.

Required Clearances

Failure to meet the following clearances could delay your placement.

TB Test: Must be valid throughout student teaching term. TB test may be obtained from current employer, private physician, local health clinic, or County Health Dept.

Criminal Background Check (CBC): Must have both State and FBI clearances. Forms for background checks are available in the Field Placement Office, 262 FCS. 

Bloodborne Pathogens and Infections Diseases Training: View video and take test at the Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC), 313-593-5329, 267 FCS, or Child Development classes (EDC 240/241).

CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Adults and Child/Infants and First Aid certification must be current and on file in the Field Placement Office. Only American Red Cross/American Heart Association/Medic First Aid certifications will be accepted.

Evaluation of Oral Expression: This is required for student teaching eligibility. Please request a professor in a course where you are making a presentation to assess your oral expression skills. Forms can be obtained from Field Placement Office, 262 FCS only (MAT Student Teacher - not applicable).

Statement of Understanding: The date will be filled in at the student teaching meeting. Download the Statement of Understanding Form

MTTC Exam:

All candidates must pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Professional Readiness Exam prior to student teaching.

  • Candidates for an elementary teaching certificate must pass the Elementary Education examination prior to student teaching.
  • Candidates for secondary teaching certification must pass the appropriate subject area examination for each subject area in which they are to be certified prior to student teaching.

Student Teaching Application Meeting Schedules