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  • Academic Policies

    The College of Education, Health, and Human Services follows all UM-Dearborn academic policies and procedures.

    The following UM-Dearborn policies may be of great interest to CEHHS students. Additional College of Education, Health, and Human Services policies are also listed below.

    Highlighted UM-Dearborn Policies

    Additional College of Education, Health, and Human Services Policies

    • Professional Dispositions Guidelines for CEHHS Students
    • Pass/Fail Policy:
      • The College of Education, Health, and Human Services allows students enrolled in any of its degree programs to use the pass/fail grading system for up to four (4) classes. Students must indicate when registering for the course that they intended to take the course pass/fail. Please note that not all courses are designed to allow the pass/fail grading option. Grades A through C- are considered passing and grades D+ through E are considered failing. Pass/Fail grades are not included in any calculation of students’ GPA. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to a CEHHS Academic Advisor before registering for a course as pass/fail as they are only allowed to use the pass/fail option for general elective courses. Any required course cannot be taken as pass/fail. See specific details:

      • The student cannot be on academic probation.
      • The pass/fail option cannot be selected for any required course in a CEHHS program including: core requirements, major, minor, certificate program, or concentration.
      • Students in Teacher Certification programs cannot take courses in the educational professional sequence, teaching major, teaching minor, or elementary education distribution/core as pass/fail.
      • Students on the pre-health professions track cannot take courses in their respective pre-health profession track(s) as pass/fail.
      • Students can take only one course in the pass/fail grading system in a semester.
      • The optional pass/fail grade will count for residency and minimum credit hour requirements, but will not enter into the computation of a student’s grade point average.
      • Students cannot change the grading system of an elected course after the add/drop period (typically two weeks after the start of the semester).
      • The only exception to this policy is a circumstance in which a student changes his/her academic major and a formerly elective course taken pass/fail is now required in the new major. In this event, students should meet with a CEHHS Academic Advisor and a petition for the course will need to be completed and approved.
  • Degree Works

    Degree Works is a web-based degree audit tool that will help students electronically monitor their progress toward degree completion. This tool greatly enhances and assists students in navigating curriculum requirements.

    Visit Registration & Records Degree Works tutorial page for helpful how-to videos.

    1. Students who are pursuing Secondary Certification with a CASL degree must select "TCERT" under "Degree" in order to see CEHHS requirements.
    2. Students who are curious about Secondary Certification may follow these instructions to explore a "What If?" scenario to find out program requirements:
      • Degree: Select "Teacher Certification"
      • Catalog: Select the catalog year that matches the year you will select that major
      • Major: Select Secondary
      • Minor: Optional
      • College: Select CEHHS
      • Concentration: Major (e.g. biology, chemistry, etc.)
      • Click ‘Process What If Audit'
  • Registration & Add/Drop


    The College of Education, Health, and Human Services follows all UM-Dearborn policies and procedures for registration. Please see the Office of Registration & Records for more information.

    Add/Drop Policy

    UM-Dearborn has adopted a new policy for adding and dropping courses after the start of the semester. Within the first week of the drop/add period of a semester, the registrar will be able to add students to a course. Beginning in the second week of the drop/add period, students will only be added to a course with the approval of the instructor of record.

    Coursework at Other Institutions

    If you are a CEHHS degree-seeking student at UM-Dearborn and in good academic standing, you may elect to take a course(s) as a guest student to another college or university. Please revise the university requirements and conditions about:

    Recommended Steps to Follow Prior to Take Courses at Other Institutions

    CEHHS students are highly encouraged to speak with a CEHHS advisor prior to taking courses at another institution. To assure the process goes smoothly, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

    1. Make an appointment with a CEHHS academic advisor to add swirling plan to your advising file (recommended).
    2. Verify that you are within allowable credit limits and residency hours, and that the course is transferable. The Transfer Request Equivalency Verification Form may be filled out to assist with verification (recommended).
    3. Complete a MACRAO Guest Application and submit per campus instructions (required).
    4. Submit or request official transcripts to CEHHS when course taken off campus is completed (required).

    It is important that you understand the process of guest attendance and the transferability of courses prior to the semester enrolled. Specific maximum transfer totals, as well as residency requirements are critical when taking courses at other institutions. Students electing to take courses at other institutions should also be aware of implications regarding financial aid. You are responsible for knowing and understanding your financial aid.

  • Deadlines

    Deadlines related to registration and graduation, as well as the academic calendar, can be found through the following links. The College of Education, Health, and Human Services follows other deadlines, such as petition deadlines and student teaching deadlines, as listed below.

    UM-Dearborn Deadlines

    Petition Deadlines

    • All petitions are due by the 15th of each month or they will not be acted upon until the following month

    Student Teaching Deadlines

    • Fall Semester Student Teaching - Must attend application meeting in September

    • Winter Semester Student Teaching - Must attend application meeting in March
  • Professional Standards Committee Petitions

    Use this form to request an exception to regular rules governing program completion.

    Petitions Form

  • Calculating Your GPA

    Trying to decide what grades you need this semester to reach your gpa goal? CEHHS has developed a tool to help you calculate multiple possibilities and stay on track! Simply click HERE to pull up the CEHHS GPA Calculator. Download the google sheet as an excel document and save it to your computer. Enter your course, the term you took it, the number of credit hours, and utilize the grading key to enter your anticipated grade in quality points. The sheet is set up to calculate your total number of credits and quality points to provide your expected gpa. 

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