Working to eliminate disparities across education, healthcare, wellness, public and community health, and human services.

The time to work toward the elimination of disparities is now. Hence, developing evidence-based solutions that seek to create equity across education, public and community health, healthcare, wellness and human services is the overarching objective for the Center for Disparity Solutions and Equity (CDSE).

To achieve this aim, the CDSE—a community-driven organization developed by the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Education, Health, and Human Services—proudly partners with community, corporate, education, government, health and wellness organizations spanning the Detroit area, the state of Michigan and the United States. Working in collaboration with these stakeholders and through the application of leading-edge research, the CDSE seeks to implement actionable solutions by way of innovative programs and policies, systems and environment best practices and responsible evaluation mechanisms—among other channels.

The CDSE and its partners acknowledge and understand that progress and positive change can be realized, that equity throughout the areas of education, public and community health, healthcare, wellness and human services is a true possibility. It is to this end that we are fully committed. It is to this end we are fully engaged.

    • Implement and evaluate equity solutions
    • Achieve change through actions that reduce disparities
    • Ensure ethical application of resources
    • Engage and partner with communities and other stakeholders
    • Advocate policies to work toward equity
    • Create data repositories to identify patterns of disparities
    • Evaluation
    • Assessment
    • Surveillance
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Leadership and Talent Development
    • Hotspotting
  • The Center for Disparity Solutions and Equity employs a variety of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research methodologies, data tactics and logic models to develop actionable strategies that create equity across the education, public and community health, healthcare, wellness and human services areas. Near and far, locally and nationally, CDSE is honored to work in partnership with community, corporate, education, government and health and wellness organizations to develop practical solutions derived from innovative research, programming and various forms of civic engagement.

  • The Center for Disparity Solutions and Equity features knowledgeable faculty and staff members who are passionate about eliminating disparities across education, health and human services. These experts bring together other faculty members, students and communities in effort to help eliminate disparities.

    The faculty and staff of the CDSE represent multiple academic disciplines, including the following:

    • Education
    • Health
    • Human Services
    • Sociocultural
    • Behavioral Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Sociology
    • Measurement and Evaluation