We are following the health and safety guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Wayne County Health Department, our University of Michigan colleagues and our own experts to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff.

COVID-19 Data

The ECEC is reporting confirmed COVID-19 cases for children attending the Center and staff working at the facility. Reporting began on July 13, 2020, the date the center reopened and is updated weekly on Monday. New positive cases will be added to this tracker within 24 hours of being reported.

Policies & Procedures

The ECEC has developed health and safety related policies and procedures that will guide the fall semester. Highlights are below, view all of the details on this website. Health & Safety procedures on these pages supersedes information in the ECEC Parent Handbook.

Changes to Physical Spaces

Throughout the ECEC the space has been modified to minimize the spread of illness. Modifications include: 

  • Dividing up and rearranging spaces and playgrounds to make sure that children are able to stay appropriately distanced. 
  • Adding plexiglass partitions, touchless trash cans, increasing cleaning of spaces, playground equipment and high touch surfaces and covering water fountains.  
  • Ensuring ventilation systems operate properly and increasing circulation of outdoor air.

Availability of Toys and Classroom Materials

Toys and classroom objects will continue to be available in the classroom, with only those that can be easily cleaned and sanitized in use. Each child will have a set of supplies (crayons, markers, paint brushed, etc) labeled with their name that they will use. Additional items like sensory bins in the classroom for sand and water play and water tables outside will be available with slight modifications. 

Mealtime and Naptime procedures

  • During meals students will be spaced out and plexiglass dividers will be in use to promote social distancing. All food will be brought from home each day, birthday snacks are not allowed. Children will continue to wash hands before and immediately after eating.
  • Each child’s bedding will be stored in individually labeled bins, cubbies, or bags and a cot/mat will be identified. Naptime spaces will be socially distanced, with children placed head-to-toe if possible. Naptime and comfort items will be sent home weekly to be cleaned.

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Before coming to the ECEC parents should complete the ECEC Daily Health Screening app.  
  • Drop Off times are restricted to 8:00-9:30 a.m. and only one adult per family should be present at drop-off/pick-up. The gate will lock promptly at 9:30 a.m. 
  • Families will enter through a designated screening station, lining up allowing for 6 feet social distance between families. Children over the age of 2 and parents must wear a face covering at all times. 
  • Staff will greet families at the screening station, check for a green checkmark on the Screening App and take each person’s temperature. Families that aren’t able to complete the Daily Health Screening app can answer the questions in person. 
  • After leaving the screening station, parents may take their child to their classroom through the playground. Doors will be labeled with room numbers. Please knock on the outside classroom door and a teacher will greet you. 
  • Pick up times are restricted to 3-4 p.m., the gate will lock promptly at 4 p.m. Children over the age of 2 and parents must wear a face covering at all times. 
  • Adults picking up children will enter through the playground gate which will be monitored by a staff member. Children can be picked up on the playground if they are outside. If children are not on the playground, please knock on the outside classroom door.

Symptom Tracking & Safety Measures

  • Before coming to the ECEC parents should complete the ECEC Daily Health Screening app. If the Health Screening is not completed, or not passed students and family members will not be able to enter the facility. 
  • Families should refer to the ECEC Child Illness Chart with questions regarding whether or not a child should be attending school. 
  • Face coverings are required for staff, students and family members. In addition to wearing a face covering at the screening stations, children should have a face covering available in the classroom as it is required in common areas and hallways. 
  • Temperatures of staff and children will be re-checked mid-day. 
  • No parents, visitors or other individuals are allowed inside the building except in extenuating circumstances.
  • Additional training on COVID-19 has been provided to all staff. 
  • If a staff, student or family member becomes symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19 they must notify the ECEC Academic Director at 313-593-5424. 
  • Confirmed positive case information will be communicated to those directly impacted, this communication will include detailed information regarding expectations and next steps. 


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